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Raleigh to spend $150,000 in Falls Lake research

Posted November 20, 2013

Falls Lake

— The City of Raleigh has set aside $150,000 in Falls Lake research to make up for a lack of state funding.

The research is expected to increase the options and reduce the cost to comply with the pollution reduction requirements of the Falls Lake rules.

Other governments with jurisdiction in the Falls Lake watershed have verbally committed to match Raleigh’s funds with another $150,000, including $50,000 from Durham.

While Wake County has been involved in the process, it hasn't dedicated any funding.

The state Department of Environment and Natural Resources’s (DENR) plan for pollution reduction from developed land was rejected by the Environmental Management Commission in July, sparking the need for more research before a new plan is presented in 2015.

Raleigh Public Record: Raleigh to invest in Falls Lake research


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  • yankee1 Nov 20, 2013

    Maybe you all should ask why it is that Raleigh, knowing that the lake was never designed to be a reservoir, decided to turn it into one anyway?

  • Phyxius1 Nov 20, 2013

    What...To tell us its polluted! No kidding. Tell Durham to stop putting untreated waste in the Eno.
    Click to view my profile redwolfone

    You do realize that boats dump pollution in the water through exhaust cooling in 2 cycles, people throwing trash in the water while on the water or cooking out there and etc. I`m pretty sure runoff from non Durham lands also make it in the water also like all the bridges that pass over the lake and trash from vehicles, oil on the roads, gas spills and etc. There are so many causes of water pollution other than the ENO river and Durham. We all are in part to blame for it in large and subtle ways...

  • Fun Nov 20, 2013

    As a boater I've used Falls Lake for fishing over the years.
    It seem to get nastier so I do not get in the water, and fishing
    Is catch and release-no consumption. The quickest
    way to clean up Falls is for Durham to stop
    dumping processed sewage in streams leading
    into Falls Lake. Raleigh as well should stop dumping
    On the backside of the dam. Personally, as Raleigh residents we only drink bottled water- Furthermore, the list of chemicals Raleigh puts into the drinking water Should be published monthly by WRAL

  • I know some stuff Nov 20, 2013

    I'll give you a report for Free....the lake is already too dirty and it's volume is not adequate for continued population growth and consumption at present rates, especially in drought years.
    More conservation and less development is needed.

  • jerryroll Nov 20, 2013

    NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!!!!! Falls Lake is primary water source for Raleigh, WF, Franklin....etc.
    Raleigh major should grow some and build a consensous with several cities/towns to contribute $$
    Keeping Falls Lake viable is CRITICAL for next 25 years +

  • Dirty_Water Nov 20, 2013

    I fail to understand why folks don't like Dirty_Water. It's befuddling.

  • redwolfone Nov 20, 2013

    What...To tell us its polluted! No kidding. Tell Durham to stop putting untreated waste in the Eno.

  • willis2 Nov 20, 2013

    The Army Corps of Engineers does not build city water reservoirs; Falls Lake is a flood control and recreational lake. (http://www.saw.usace.army.mil/Portals/59/docs/recreation/fallslake/Images/Falls%20Lake%20Master%20Plan%20JUNE%2021%202013%20FINAL.pdf)

    It's difficult to use Falls Lake as a water source when it wasn't designed as a reservoir.

  • Obamacare for one and all Nov 20, 2013

    mmm soon to be dry, Enjoy the drought!

  • baldchip Nov 20, 2013

    Stymie-because Durham, north-western Morrisville, & Butner are the primary polluters of Falls Lake-not Raleigh. Look at topo maps, and you will see that very little Raleigh run off goes into Falls Lake. It does go into the Neuse River thru Crabtree Creek and other streams to the south of Raleigh, but that happens below Falls Dam!!

    SO the bigger question, why isn't Durham contributing at least the same portion as Raleigh? I'll tell you-they don't care!! Durham will build polluting industies and sub-divisions right next to the Eno and other tributaries if they can get away with it!! Durham leaders-good liberals they are-are all about Durham and nobody else!! It's not their drinking water-so it's not their problem!!

    Such is life in the water wars in Central NC!!