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Raleigh Teen Charged With Embezzlement

Posted June 2, 2007
Updated June 3, 2007

— A Raleigh teen was charged with embezzlement Friday.

The Raleigh Magistrate's office provided an update Sunday about Shana Miles, 17, who was accused of taking $757 worth of items from her employer, K-Mart.

Miles spent the night in jail pending a pre-trial release interview, which she had Saturday morning. The jail she stayed in was a probationary program.

Miles is only allowed away from her parents for school, work, church or medical reasons.


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  • JustDontUnderstandPpl Jun 4, 2007

    "Its unbelievable people would read this story (the tiny bit there is) and interject race into it. " choppa

    Did someone inject race? I missed it.

  • then who cares Jun 3, 2007

    Helpful hint to the news media: If you'll publish more pictures of them stealing second or third maybe you'll have less pictures of them accused of stealing!! Just a thought!!

  • v4mcrider Jun 3, 2007

    when you are arrested the story gets reported,,,you could be inocent of the crime but the news reports it anyway,, you are now guilty before the judical process is complete according to the news,,, duke players are a prime example only that there names have been cleared but will be remembered as a rape story!

  • choppa Jun 3, 2007

    Its unbelievable people would read this story (the tiny bit there is) and interject race into it. To all of you who do so, all I can say is get a life. This young girl is innocent until proved guilty. Unless you want to change the constitution for this one incident. If you did, I wonder why?

  • then who cares Jun 3, 2007

    Most of the comments make me wish we had laws more like Britain. What purpose does it serve to publish a person's picture? One can judge from all the conclusions people have jumped to why it would be a good reason not to publish her picture unless she is found guilty. A good reason to publish pictures would be if the authorities were searching for someone who had allegedly committed a crime. Such as surveillance video, etc.

    At least be intelligent enough to know that there is not one thought from her mind that you can accurately report merely by looking at her picture. I would love to see pictures beside names on this site. And then let everyone have a shot at suggesting what you are like from the way your picture looks!

  • giftsjubilee Jun 3, 2007

    It is so sad that race always has to come up when the law is broken. It's the sign of the times. Our youth and society in general is losing self control. They don't care about others just themself. I witnessed a theft this pass weekend in Clayton. Someone dropped a whole bunch of 2x4 in the intersection. At first I saw a black man get out and start moving them. Then two white young men joined them. Good samaritans? No, they were stealing the wood. Put them right into the trunk of their trucks! Unfortunately I wasn't in a postion to see their license numbers or I would have reported it. People just have no conscience anymore.

  • 2AMANDA2 Jun 3, 2007

    a couple of people made the comment that she lives with her parents so her wages shouldn't factor into the fact that she stole, etc. you don't know her. her parents could be making her take care of herself. you never know the next person's situation.

  • hank5049 Jun 3, 2007

    will someone please explain to tyrone williams the difference between respect and disrespect...................

  • 2AMANDA2 Jun 3, 2007

    let me give you guys the law enforcement standpoint on this case. if this is her first time in legal trouble, it will not follow her everywhere if she participates in the first time offender's program. the charge will be exponged. as for KMART (not walmart as some of you keep saying), chances are, she didn't directly steal the items herself. kmart charges you with embezzlement if you give stuff to people free or at a lower-than-marked price. at the same time, they do railroad you and try to get you to claim more items than you actually are responsible for.

  • freddie cadetti 72 Jun 3, 2007

    I spent Yesterday morning in the local Wal Mart supercenter. Dropped my car off for an oil change and wiper blades. Strolled through the aisles picking up a few items, enjoying watching people of all ethnic, socio-economic groups joining me in the freedom of choice of shopping. I thought about how great it is Wal Mart provides us a place to shop for items with low prices, allowing more people a higher standard of living. I was excited to see all the "associates" who earn wages and benefits that may otherwise be totally dependant on the welfare state. I was reminded of the local hardware store down the stree which still thrives despite the "Big Bad Wal Mart" because it offers expertise and niche products, whose owners didn't whine to the government when wal mart came along but instead used their work spirit and kept going.

    So all you whiners who run down wal mart...keep out of there....they'll do just fine without your business.