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Raleigh teen accused of stealing from school

Posted May 12, 2008

— A Raleigh teenager is facing charges for allegedly breaking into an elementary school and stealing computers.

Dashon Johnson, 19, is accused of smashing a window to get into Powell Elementary School in the middle of the night.

According to a search warrant, Johnson was caught on surveillance video stealing IBM computers and equipment.

He was being held Monday on a $15,000 bond.


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  • tbfromnc May 14, 2008


    Our house was never broken into when we lived there or while we were home. It has been broken into either as rental property or we were out of town.
    Belive me when I say, I am well armed and am not afraid to defend my property.

  • TheAdmiral May 14, 2008

    tbfromnc -

    The first time someone breaks into our house they get shot at. Amazing how fast our house isn't broken into any more.

  • TheAdmiral May 14, 2008

    I still don't get why there are more blacks than any other race being arrested.... I just can't figure it out....

  • colliedave May 13, 2008

    Another fine outstanding citizen. How much you wanna bet he's a high school drop out with no job?

    He has a "job": a professional felon. At 19, he already has a significant "rap" sheet. Wonder how long it will be before he takes a life or someone takes his?

  • Glass Half Full May 13, 2008

    Another fine outstanding citizen. How much you wanna bet he's a high school drop out with no job?

  • Jokers Wild II May 13, 2008

    I bet you could not hardly DRAG him into the school when it was time to learn, or else we would not be reading this article!

    Its amazing that he would want to go back :-)

  • mramorak May 13, 2008

    More of the haves and have nots

  • tbfromnc May 13, 2008

    My Family owns property in that neighborhood. It has gone downhill
    very rapidly for the past 10 years. Our property has been broken into about 4 or 5 times. I lived there as a teenager in the 60's
    and it was a very nice quite neighborhood, now it's the "hood".
    Where are this boy's parents? I know 19 is old enough to be on your own but, didn't anyone ever tell this boy that breaking into a public school with video cameras is a pretty dumb thing to do?

  • NE Raleigh May 13, 2008

    A future career criminal in the making.

  • OncomingStorm May 13, 2008

    But he looks so innocent... lol