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Raleigh's water supply replenished to almost a year's worth

Posted May 6, 2008

— Recent rains have replenished Raleigh's water supply to 360 days, welcome news for the city and its water customers.

Falls Lake, the city's main water source, remains more than 100 percent full, with the lake's water level at 252.58 feet above sea level, 1.08 feet above the 251.5-foot normal level.

Water usage is also on the rise, however, at an average of 40.7 million gallons per day. That is 2.8 million gallons more than the lowest value recorded during Stage II water restrictions.

Residents in Raleigh, Garner, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell, Knightdale and Zebulon who get their water from the city are still under Stage I water restrictions.

Those restrictions allow irrigation one day per week. Customers can also wash their cars at home on the weekends.


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  • Another Perspective May 6, 2008

    Say what you want about conservation but look at the output level they are releasing at the dam. It is waaaaay up. The lake was over the limit and they dumped it to bring it to a safe level. There was a time a week ago when we had too much water!

  • getrealpeople May 6, 2008

    The city is currently building a new water plant to pull water from lake wheeler and lake benson. the plant is next to lake benson. Falls Lake when full holds plenly of water and can supply 100 mgd unless you are in a severe drought.
    Raleigh conserving now or then has no effect on downstream since the acoe releases water from the water quality pool to maintain the neuse river and would have continued to. When the river is low ACOE releases more water!
    Water demand is still low 38-42 mgd now so where did the growth go? No one left but last summer Raleigh customers used 77 million gallons a day! It was watering yards to show off green grass. pepsi didn't move its plant. Raleigh will not use water from lake jordan since that is interbasin transfer which cary is currently allowed to do. yes, restrictions should be eased since lake is in flood storage.

  • capitalland May 6, 2008

    Mr X and NC Mike are onto something. We who know that Raleigh has a water storage problem not a water supply problem unfortunately are a minority. Keep up the good work guys. I only wish someone were listening.

    Informed landscape contractor.

  • dws May 6, 2008

    stick with some form of conservation, be it a 1x, 2x, 3x watering times per week to establish the "habit".....when the tough times come, it will be 2nd nature to conserve rather than the emotional issues Raleigh faced last year

  • MrX-- May 6, 2008

    The Neuse River flows into the Palmico Sound and not the Cape Fear.

    What do worldwide water supplies have to do with us? Water falls out of the sky here, if we don't use it then it flows down the river to the Atlantic (yes some is used by downstream tows but at the current high flow rate, they can't use it fast enough)

    Stage 1 water restrictions make no sense. We should go back to the normal year round restrictions put in place last year.

    The drought was worsened when the city dithered about restrictions when we needed them and the CoE kept sending more water down the river than was needed.

  • slick rick da troll whisperer May 6, 2008

    ncmike...a good chunk of the southeastern US suffered from the drought just like we did. do you think there should be a moratorium on growth in the entire southeast?

  • ncmike May 6, 2008

    Hey, lets just keep the water restrictions permanently where they are now and SURELY no one will notice the blazing pace of development continuing…then, when we have another drought, we’ll have no levers to pull to conserve – we’ll already be conserving to the max!

    How about a building moratorium until we have expanded reservoir capacity? Want to see how fast it can be built when that happens?

  • ruthpauly May 6, 2008

    Fedupwithit hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Just bc lakes are full doesnt mean the drought is over.
    Just bc lakes are full doesnt mean the drought is over.
    Just bc lakes are full doesnt mean the drought is over.
    Just bc lakes are full doesnt mean the drought is over.
    Just bc lakes are full doesnt mean the drought is over."

    Thank you!!!

  • bosoxbaby May 6, 2008

    I think they did eventually reduce the flow but, yes, they should have reduced it sooner. Goldsboro did implement tighter water restrictions as well.

  • slick rick da troll whisperer May 6, 2008

    We are down 1.13 inches from normal, year to date for 2008. We are down 8.37 inches from normal since 1/1/07. 1/1/07 is the date still used, primarily because that is when the drought began. When the drought ends, the date should be rest to whenever the drought ends. Just bc lakes are full doesnt mean the drought is over. Lake levels refer to surface water. However, ground water is much more slow to recover, and will likely not recover for quite some time.