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Raleigh's population grew 3% in 2008

Posted February 2, 2009

— The city's population grew 3 percent last year, to 385,507, according to an estimate released Monday.

The Growth Management Division of the city Planning Department bases its estimates on the number of dwelling units, the average number of people per household and average dwelling occupancy and vacancy rates.

Since last January, the city added 11,187 residents, officials estimated. More than half of the increase came in the first half of 2008, they said.

“While the growth rate dropped slightly and the economy slowed in late 2008, Raleigh still added the same number of people in 2008 that it added in 2006,” Planning Director Mitchell Silver said in a statement. “The economy has affected Raleigh’s growth rate, but the area still remains one of the fast-growing regions in the country.”

The areas with the majority of newly added population since 2000 continue to be in northeast Raleigh, including Wakefield, northwest Raleigh, including Brier Creek, and southeast Raleigh outside the Interstate 440 Beltline, officials said.


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  • workingforthosethatwont Feb 2, 2009

    I vote to abolish fed and state income tax and raise the sales tax to support the economy. This way, EVERYONE who makes any kind of purchase would pay their share. It just might stop some of that illegal(s) income and keep some of it here to support their drain on us. Hopefully it would slow growth to.

  • Fun Feb 2, 2009

    "what ever will Mayor Meeker and Russell Allen do now???????"
    ANSWER: Run for higher office to control bigger piles of money.

  • ifcdirector Feb 2, 2009

    How many were illegal aliens drawn here by this city's do nothing approach to their victimization of legal taxpaying citizens?

  • whatelseisnew Feb 2, 2009

    Sounds like the city needs to go on a diet.

  • Gork Feb 2, 2009

    Why couldn't the city work with the county, state and local utilities to track accurately how many new residents come into the city? Everyone (most) has to get a license, get utilities, etc. It wouldn't be that complicated and we wouldn't rely on several layers of estimating...

  • bs101fly Feb 2, 2009

    Oh what ever, what ever will Mayor Meeker and Russell Allen do now???????