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Raleigh's an expensive place for a yuppie

Posted February 2, 2014

— If you’re a yuppie looking for a home in Raleigh, expect to pay a lot for yoga classes and other things yuppies like, according to locality.com.

The website, a search engine that compares price and other factors for yuppie services, ranked Raleigh as the nation’s fifth most expensive place for such commodities. It used unique pricing data from one million local businesses nationwide to create a Yuppie Price Index – an economic indicator tracking the annual cost of typical yuppie services in the top 30 U.S. cities.

A yuppie, according to the website, is a young, urban professional.

Typical yuppie services include haircuts, blowouts, manicures, massages, eyebrow waxing, dry cleaning, dog boarding, gym memberships and yoga classes.

“Laundry and dry cleaning, hair and even yoga prices are below the national average,” the website said about Raleigh. “However, pricey gyms and beauty services like massages, facials and manicures added up.”

San Francisco, Denver, Washington D.C. and Phoenix ranked above Raleigh. Cities more commonly known as expensive places to live, such as Miami (9), Los Angeles (11), Chicago (12) and New York City (13), ranked lower.

Charlotte was among the most affordable cities for yuppies, ranking 15th, according to the website.

Raleigh’s ranking came as a surprise to Edgar Haren, who has lived in San Francisco and Houston - ranked as the second most affordable yuppie city.

Haren, who works for Lenovo, moved into The Hue, a luxury apartment complex on Hargett Street, in October.

He believes Raleigh is closer to Houston when it comes to yuppie expenses.

“We wanted to be closer to a lot of the nightlife,” he said about moving to downtown Raleigh. “There’s a lot of great restaurants around here as well as, of course, Fayetteville Street. That’s what’s really cool. The Flying Saucer is right there. It’s a great pub and The Pit is right down the road as well so it’s pretty convenient.”

The ranking also came as a surprise for Bonnye Talbot, who lives and works in downtown Raleigh.

“Really? I don’t think that’s right,” she said. “I have friends that live in Baltimore and San Francisco. We’re cheap. We’re exceptionally cheap living here. For services? Oh yea.”

Top 15 most expensive yuppie cities (annual yuppie cost)

  1. San Francisco ($6,718)
  2. Denver ($6,640)
  3. Washington DC ($6,414)
  4. Phoenix ($6,382)
  5. Raleigh ($6,282)
  6. Minneapolis ($6,271)
  7. Seattle ($6,228)
  8. San Diego ($6,220)
  9. Miami ($6,187)
  10. Hartford ($6,140)
  11. Los Angeles ($6,119)
  12. Chicago ($6,025)
  13. New York ($6,017)
  14. Boston ($5,995)
  15. Pittsburgh ($5,887)

Top 15 most affordable yuppie cities (annual yuppie cost)

  1. Indianapolis ($5,181)
  2. Houston ($5,202)
  3. Cleveland ($5,218)
  4. Tampa ($5,285)
  5. Atlanta ($5,363)
  6. Nashville ($5,411)
  7. St. Louis ($5,507)
  8. Orlando ($5,569)
  9. Dallas ($5,594)
  10. Sacramento ($5,628)
  11. Baltimore ($5,630)
  12. Detroit ($5,647)
  13. Philadelphia ($5,730)
  14. Portland ($5,787)
  15. Charlotte ($5,832)

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  • Obamacare rises again Feb 3, 2014

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    I agree. Most of us men don't like seeing women with unibrows either.

  • Bill of Rights Feb 3, 2014

    Slow news day, I guess.

  • Mods Hate Me Feb 3, 2014

    First world problems....

  • stormwaterguy Feb 3, 2014

    They didn't include the outrageous TWC rates.

  • Inside The Beltline Feb 3, 2014

    "Just a note, if you think waxing your eyebrows somehow makes so much of a difference that it is worth your money, you deserve to pay a lot for it." -lilgtogirl

    I certainly don't mind paying for it. I cannot believe how many women are content walking around with wooly caterpillars attached to their face.

  • lilgtogirl Feb 3, 2014

    Just a note, if you think waxing your eyebrows somehow makes so much of a difference that it is worth your money, you deserve to pay a lot for it.

  • glarg Feb 3, 2014

    1. I dont think anyone has used the "yuppie" since 1997. Has this story been stuck in the editorial queue that long? Does the index also include the cost of knit neckties?

    2. There isnt much difference between the top city (SF $6718) and the least (Indy $5181), which means this is a poorly constructed index not measuring much.

    CLT and Raleigh are $450 apart and we are on opposite lists. That just a 7% difference. This ranking isnt well done.

  • Frank Downtown Feb 3, 2014


  • 12345_here Feb 3, 2014

    This list had to be laid out by the most incompetent researchers ever. They probably didn't even go looking around for the best deals.

  • cseanwatts Feb 3, 2014

    "Yuppie?" Well, seeing as the article lists 'haircut' and 'dry cleaning' it certainly can't mean "Hipster." But then, that term's so obscure you've probably never heard of it.