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Raleigh reviewing taxi service policies amid driver complaints

Posted November 12, 2014
Updated November 18, 2014

— City leaders say they are conducting a full review of Raleigh's policies regarding taxi service after concerns from drivers who say they are being treated unfairly.

Drivers have complained that the city has taken away taxi stand lanes and designated parking spots and are ticketing drivers for parking in metered spots even when they have paid.

In addition, they say, they are frustrated that new competition – like ride-shares Uber and Lyft – aren't regulated.

"Having a taxi permit is worth nothing in this city," said Mastawal Abebe, a driver of six years.

"We know we need to make improvements," City Councilwoman Mary Ann Baldwin said Wednesday. "Also, if some of these things are happening with taxi drivers, we want to make sure they're taken care of."

Baldwin said taxi drivers should not be ticketed for lawful metered parking. She called the issue a miscommunication with parking enforcement agents.

City leaders, however, do not have authority from the state to regulate ride-shares.


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  • runsracks2 Nov 14, 2014

    anyone tlaking about bitcopin vs visa problems etc. ever consider having a couple bucks on them for a ride?

  • dwntwnboy2 Nov 13, 2014

    I thought all the GOPers were all about "small business" and "creating jobs". This creates jobs with no overhead, no boss, no "system" to learn. They can try and crack down on it, but they can never stop this kind of technology. Cabs like newspapers are a dying art.

  • Alexia Proper Nov 13, 2014
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    True, as long as you have data on your phone. But it's not only cabs that should accept bitcoin. I went to Best Buy the other day to buy a computer. Chase rejected the transaction. After 15 or so minutes on the phone trying and retrying, the Chase rep said to manually enter the card number. That worked. They accepted the least secure method. Bitcoin would have been way faster.

  • Phil Shmoe Nov 13, 2014
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    There are a lot of issues to still work out with taxis and uber/lyft.
    First, if taxis are going to have numerous additional regulations and fees, they need to 'get something' for it (preferred access / parking / etc.). Otherwise, apply the same regulations and fees across the board. Competition is great, but the state/local gov't should treat all competition equally.

    And no, uber is not like calling a buddy. It's a business transaction where you have purchased services - exactly like a taxi, except possibly for the mode of initial contact.

  • Brian Jenkins Nov 13, 2014

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    Thats what happens when you use dinosaur technology. The Bitcoin network is never down.

  • JustAnotherPointofView Nov 13, 2014

    Plus with Uber and Lyft, it's cashless system, you can give the driver a tip if they gave you great service.

  • JustAnotherPointofView Nov 13, 2014

    I just happy to see the city recognizes Uber and Lyft as rideshares, where else do you get offered a mint, gum, and or a bottle of water and still get a cheaper fare than the Taxi. If you want to try out Uber for yourself. Try this promo code as well: GUTKI

  • silvfx Nov 13, 2014

    Why does the legislature prohibit the city from regulating ride shares, I thought all problems should be solved locally.

  • JT Nov 13, 2014

    I hope that their erratic driving, constant trolling and creating a traffic jam, and unethical treatment of their customers is addressed as well.

  • Gary Lasereyes Nov 13, 2014

    I don't understand the gripe? I see Uber and Lyft as like calling a buddy for a ride and you give em a couple of bucks for their trouble.