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Raleigh residents concerned over proximity of new fire station

Posted November 8, 2014

— Raleigh City Council voted unanimously to approve the purchase of 1.63 acres of land at 3510 Harden Road. The land would be used for construction of a new fire station, one that would replace Fire Station 14.

The city issued a press release stating that, “The site on Harden Road will better accommodate future fire services needs in this area of Raleigh.”

Residents aren’t so sure.

During a Public Works committee meeting, residents of the neighborhoods near the location where the fire station will be built argued their case that the fire station needs to be built somewhere else.

Tom West said that most of the residents had just found out about the new fire station location just before the October 7 City Council meeting, when Councilor Gaylord referred the issue to the Public Works committee in response to concerns from the nearby neighborhood.

“We have three main concerns,” West said.

The noise of the fire engines would be intrusive for the neighborhood of 170 homes that is just a block away from the new fire station location. Of particular concern was the use of sirens during the early morning hours. Residents noted that trash pickup didn’t operate during the early morning hours because of the noise those trucks would cause.

Residents are also concerned about its proximity to the Montessori school across the street.

"There is gonna be emergency traffic right around where a bunch of school kids are," said neighbor Walt Smith. "Kids walking up and down the street constantly."

The issue will be up for discussion at next week's meeting. The city's Public Works Committee will meet at 4 pm on Wednesday.

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  • boysmom Nov 10, 2014

    Residents noted that trash pickup didn’t operate during the early morning hours because of the noise those trucks would cause.
    Read more at http://www.wral.com/raleigh-residents-concerned-over-proximity-of-new-fire-station-/14163468/#mExwUqC81KgICkst.99

  • Toddler10-21 Nov 10, 2014

    People will complain about anything. Nice for a Station to be nearby. Mr. Nerd in the picture go play your video game!!

  • MrX-- Nov 10, 2014

    BANANA: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone

    These people are a bunch of BANANAs.

  • shaggingsenior Nov 10, 2014

    There is also a fire station near East Millbrook Middle School, Millbrook High School, Franklin Academy in Wake Forest. To my knowledge I've never heard of a child getting hit by a fire truck. I guess people on Harden Rd need to teach their children to not play in the street. All of the locations I mentioned are in heavily populated areas with single family homes and apartments.

  • smdrn Nov 10, 2014

    Most emergency service vehicles don't use sirens in the middle of the night unless they have to. If there are no cars on the road, or busy intersections (where a couple of bloops and whoops will do), there is no need for the sirens. Lights, yes.

    I've lived by fire stations and first aid squads, and by the Northeastern Corridor in Jersey where trains go by all day long, and you don't even notice them after a while. I live way out in the country down here and would love a fire station, even a fire hydrant, close by.

  • Phil Manutz Nov 10, 2014
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    View quoted thread

    The Raleigh Fire Dept., the Raleigh Police Dept., or Raleigh Animal Control do not go out for cats in trees. Just saying.

  • proudgrandmomma Nov 10, 2014

    I agree with these comments but ppl also forget what if a cat gets stuck up a tree? Need a good fireman closeby for that to. Goes both ways folks.

  • sinenomine Nov 10, 2014

    I live close to a fire station and have no problem with it.

    As to the proximity of the school I can cite at least one example of a fire house being close to not one but two schools. Carroll Middle School at Six Forks and Rowan is kitty-corner across Six Forks from a fire station. A SECOND, private, school is just across Rowan from the side of the same fire house.

  • Lisa Menendez Nov 10, 2014
    user avatar

    like in someone else backyard... People are so ridiculous... Just like a mall you don't want them near your neighborhood, but you'll travel to someone else neighborhood and shop...

  • Gator Girll Nov 10, 2014

    We had one built about a quarter of a mile from our house/development. Haven't had any problems. I appreciate that it is in close proximity and insures we have a safe haven if need be. I also appreciate the fact that, occasionally, they drive around the neighborhood to keep up-to-date on the roads and houses in the area in case of an emergency call.