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Raleigh renews contract for traffic cameras

Posted October 24, 2013

More intersections in Raleigh will be monitored by cameras in the coming months.

— The Raleigh City Council has authorized the city manager to execute a contract with Xerox State and Local Solutions, Inc. to continue operation of the SafeLight red light camera system. The previous two-year agreement, with three one-year extension options, is complete.

The annual cost of the system is $666,000. There will be no change in the number of cameras, which are placed at several high-accident intersections in the city. Drivers who run red lights are caught on camera and issued a ticket through the mail. The civil ticket does not result in insurance or drivers license points.

Revenue from the citation fees from the cameras, less program costs, goes to the Wake County Board of Education.

Councilor Bonner Gaylord, an opponent of the red light camera system, voted against the contract and spoke out against it.

“I’d prefer we didn’t do the SafeLight program,” Gaylord said. “I understand the arguments for it. I’d rather that we didn’t, and I want the record to reflect that.”


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  • anonymoustip Oct 29, 2013

    In all my years of driving, I have only see one accident caused by someone running a red light. This has nothing to do with public safety. It is a way for the government to make money.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 25, 2013

    "However, the concept of the program makes sense. You run red lights you are a danger on the road. "

    Actually the concept does not make sense. This is about making money, it is not about public safety. Want to ACTUALLY stop this behavior. First offense, 5000 dollar fine and loss of vehicle. Second offense, 10,000 dollar fine, loss of vehicle and a minimum of 1 year in prison, and so on. You will see very few instances of people running red lights. The reality is, the politicians are more interested in money than they are in public safety.

  • scubagirl2 Oct 25, 2013

    lol @ Pseudonym

    I'm glad they have them. It seems so many drivers consider a red light a 'suggestion'! I see folks runs lights literally EVERY SINGLE DAY!! WHAT makes these drivers so all fired special that they can jeapordize the lives of others so they can save 30 seconds on their drive?

    I would actually like to see more. Now I know some malfunction but .......

  • whatelseisnew Oct 25, 2013

    "Revenue from the citation fees from the cameras, less program costs, goes to the Wake County Board of Education"

    Why? Wake county schools is a bloated out of control spendthrift entity. Any profits made off these cameras should be used to help defray the costs of the city and county law officers or to defray the cost of the debt that the school system just put on our backs.

  • Bill Brasky Oct 25, 2013

    Like many Raleigh citizens, I have mixed feelings about these cameras. I've heard stories, possible rumors, that they shorten the yellow light time, and are placed in not the most dangerous intersections, but in areas where they can make the most money. I also read an article several years ago where a person was mailed the wrong ticket, with a clear pic of someone elses vehicle. This person learned that it would cost more money to contest it, then to simply mail in the payment.

    However, the concept of the program makes sense. You run red lights you are a danger on the road. Why not have red light cameras that remind drivers to drive safely, while generating revenue for the city, or in this case the schools? If the program is administered fairly, I have no problem with it. Currently, I am unsure of that.

  • sinenomine Oct 25, 2013

    One of the first intersections in Raleigh to get red light cameras is the intersection of Six Forks Road and Rowan Street. I pass through that intersection several times each day.

    In the abstract I don't like red light cameras. That said I know from personal knowledge that prior to the cameras being installed at Six Forks and Rowan red light running was prolific with some drivers going through as much as several seconds after the change. It's rare now that I see a red light runner at that intersection. I have no doubt at all that the cameras, at least at that intersection, have unquestionably saved lives, injuries, and property damage.

  • cjw6105 Oct 25, 2013

    Just another solid reason to avoid Raleigh, especially the downtown area, where there are numerous red-light cameras.

  • djofraleigh Oct 25, 2013

    I've paid two 50 bucks fines...ran lights both times as clearly shown on videos online. I support them, want more.

    The cameras are the proof needed when someone runs a light and hits you. Here's some "Redflex redlight camera" from Knightdale,NC lights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h31jJ_DoCb0

    The first crash is horrible with an 18 wheeler hitting a car, but at 45seconds what the skillful "drifting" done by a school activity bus.

  • veyor Oct 25, 2013

    Well, I just plain hate those things.

  • LuvLivingInCary Oct 25, 2013

    at least cary's town council was smart enough to get rid of them...