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Raleigh prisoners go on hunger strike to protest conditions

Posted July 23, 2012
Updated July 24, 2012

— Several inmates at Central Prison in Raleigh have started a hunger strike to protest medical treatment and health conditions.

Prison officials said there were seven inmates refusing meals as of Monday afternoon.

Both medical and custody staff are monitoring the health and weight of the prisoners, officials said. Medical staff will determine whether intervention is required.

As many as 100 inmates were reported to have joined the hunger strike at some point, but officials said many started eating after missing a few meals.


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  • loprestw Jul 24, 2012

    These people live in better conditions than our soldiers overseas. We all should be like the Sheriff in Arizona, a GP medium tent, no A/C, pink uniforms, no TV and work all day for a bologna sandwich. Don't like it, don't commit crimes.

  • bushido2298 Jul 24, 2012

    Waaaa, I don't like this free food and free healthcare, I'm a criminal and I deserve better, why should hard working, law abiding folks get healthcare and free food, waaaaa, help me Obama wan Kenobi, you're my only hope

  • jjsmith1973 Jul 23, 2012

    @xscout tell that to the innocent convict people that are released. There has been a dew examples already this year. They not only were in but were on death row.

  • scottmac Jul 23, 2012

    I say don't let them eat. They choose not to eat the food I am paying, then they don't get to eat again. Its bad enough we have such poor punishment. Now, they have to whine about it. Be happy you have a roof and walls over your head. We have law abiding citizens that no longer have that luxury.

  • nc creature Jul 23, 2012

    Medical treatment?
    When law-abiding people struggle for health care?

    Plus, inmates already receive food, clothing, access to education, TV, etc.
    I agree w/Scubagirl - they lost those rights - should have thought about it before committing whatever criminal activity.

  • carrboroyouth Jul 23, 2012

    "many started eating after missing a few meals."

    Yeah, big tough guys.

  • Xscout577 Jul 23, 2012

    They're in prison. They dont wanna eat ... fine, dont eat. Allt they do is sit around all day, lifting weights, & using up tax dollars. Put them to work on the Farm like they do in Maricopa County, Arizona. Make them earn the RIGHT to stay indoors, in the cool a/c.
    Dollibug, I'm not a conspiracy theorist & my line of thinking is this: If you dont put yourself in a place where you COULD land in jail, chancaes are that you won't.
    Murderers, theives & drug dealers lose all of their rights the minute that are imprisoned.

  • jayhurst Jul 23, 2012

    These men did NOT lose their right to health care. To the contrary, you have all accepted responsibility for their health care by locking up so many when we could safely lock up far fewer and spend less monies on prisons. If you want to know who's to blame for the overstuffed prisons that do NOT provide adequate health care, please look in the mirror -- and at the ballot come November.

    Dare I say this: support Newt Gingrich's and Jeb Bush's involvement in the Right on Crime movement.

  • wildpig777 Jul 23, 2012

    honger strike> no problem -- if i were in charge --bread an water 6 days a week 1 tiny piece o meat on sunday if good behaviour was on record.... honger strike -- no problem at all.

  • Scubagirl Jul 23, 2012

    I say, no press for this revolt, no giving in. If no one can read about it they won't get their 15 minutes.