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Raleigh Police Warn of Door-to-Door Thieves

Posted July 20, 2007

— Raleigh police are once again cautioning the public against allowing solicitors and strangers into homes after a suspected home larceny.

On Tuesday, police said, two females, whose ages were not immediately clear, went to a residence claiming they were selling magazines in an attempt to raise money for their soccer team to go to a tournament.

The victim discovered that an undisclosed amount of money was missing from a purse after the resident invited them into the pair into her home and allowed one of them to use a bathroom, police said.

Police have said there are very few legitimate door-to-door solicitations, and they warned residents not to let solicitors into their homes or give them money. They also urge residents to call local law enforcement if they are approached.

In April, police warned of a similar door-to-door magazine scheme that made its way from Kentucky.


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  • All child molesters should die Jul 20, 2007

    Ok. Do you think WRAL could possibly, maybe, give us a general idea of exactly WHERE this is occuring in Raleigh? I'd love to know if it's happening near my neighborhood. Regardless, everyone should be careful.

    Maybe WRAL doesn't have the information relating to specifically where, in Raleigh, this happened. I'm going to assume they don't.

  • DangYankee Jul 20, 2007

    Boy Scouts of America policy, with respect to any door-to-door fundraisers, is that the Scout NEVER goes inside anyone's house, even if it's a little old lady, or a torrential downpour. Scouts also must wear their Class A uniforms, and, if I remember correctly, they can go in pairs (Buddy System).

  • Harleygirlie Jul 20, 2007

    I'm with diwanicki - I have a flyer that I leave.

  • Jake Wildstar Jul 20, 2007

    Thats why you should own a big mean sounding dog:)

  • jaredg Jul 20, 2007

    I used to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses and had to go preaching door-to-door every Saturday. Man that sucked!! I hated it. I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore.

  • Rocknhorse Jul 20, 2007

    "Even with No Solicitation signs they go ignored. Also those pizza cards stuffed in the doors should be banned. It only shows who is NOT at home and lets would be theives know what place to break in."

    Yes and no. We NEVER use our front door. We enter through the garage and when we are expecting company, the garage door is left open. I had a phone call from a sales person saying they left info in my front door several weeks ago, had I looked at it? I told them not interested and hung up. But sure enough, in my door was a sales pamphlet. Would be theives may have taken that as a sign we weren't home, but we definitely were.

  • Sarge Jul 20, 2007

    I've had girl scouts along with their parents come to the door.

  • headlong Jul 20, 2007

    I do not let them in nor open the door to them. Sad you can't trust anyone anymore. No wonder why the Girl Scouts seel their cookies outside stores rather then door to door

  • diwanicki Jul 20, 2007

    not only are the suppose to be in uniform, they are suppose to have an adult with them

  • diwanicki Jul 20, 2007

    dsdaughtry- in a way it does show that, but Ilike I said earlier, I use door knob bags. I don't even knock on your door. Inside the bag is a letter telling you about us,an easy idea catalog and a business card. For me, its cheaper to do that than it is to mail you something. And being on your door you might actually look at it instead of getting your mail and saying oh this is trah w/o even opening it.