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Raleigh police video shows how to act during traffic stop

Posted January 20, 2016

— To avoid the types of confrontations that have led to officer-involved shootings elsewhere, the Raleigh Police Department has produced a video to show people what to do and what to expect from officers during a traffic stop.

Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown said the most common question she gets when speaking to community groups is what someone should do when they get pulled over, so she had the department create a video to prevent situations from escalating into dangerous confrontations.

"They want to know, how do I behave? What do I do?" Deck-Brown said Wednesday. "It's easier to see it than to explain it."

The eight-minute video was introduced at a recent series of community meetings and is now posted on YouTube.

"This was an opportunity, since we had a captive audience, to enlighten our community," Deck-Brown said. "(We want) to show that our officers are trained in a certain way to conduct a traffic stop – here's how it should look."

The video also gives drivers information on how to make a complaint if they are concerned by how a traffic stop was handled.


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  • Ray Ubinger Jan 21, 2016
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    How to Obey Your Government
    * stay meek and motionless
    * obey all commands whatsoever without hesitation
    * volunteer information about whether you possess the means of defending yourself
    * look forward to consenting to be searched

  • Bryan Ayers Jan 21, 2016
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    No. There are a lot of people that understand that you are not required to offer any additional information beyond Drivers License & Registration when asked. You are not required to tell them where you have been, or where you are heading to. After your license and registration have been checked and reviewed, and deemed in good standing, you are free to ask the Officer if you are being detained or if you are free to move on.

    Any comments you offer beyond Drivers License & Registration can be used against you.

    Free Tip: Don't do stupid things that flag an Officer to pull you over... Face it, our Law Enforcement personnel are doing an excellent job in their required position, but don't make it harder for them. Be polite & respectful, but know YOUR Rights under the law as well.

  • Rob Douglas Jan 21, 2016
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    There sure are a lot of whiners commenting on here

  • Dave Roth Jan 21, 2016
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    This is pretty horrific. Other than the duty of the concealed carry permit holder to inform about the presence of a legally concealed weapon, there is no legal requirement to answer any questions. Once the officer says you are free to leave, you leave. The end. Never consent to searches, but absolutely do not resist.

  • Dmitry Suemeov Jan 21, 2016
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    I commend the RPD for doing something to try and alleviate the public's fear of the Police.

  • Barry Eriksen Jan 21, 2016
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    Pretty said to see the police expect everyone to act like robots when they disrespect people constantly and lie to entrap people. Never answer questions beyond the basics of providing ID/license and vehicle registration and record everything. The best information in this video is how to file complaints:

    Capt. Michael Bruce
    RPD Internal Affairs

  • Alonzo Eubank Jan 21, 2016
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    I agree with many of the statements shared here. I too am a minority and when I was younger I got pulled over by a police officer. One of my friends was in the car with me and there were 2 officers. They immediately separated us and asked where we were coming from, etc. Then, the 2 officers got together and talked. They came back and said our stories did not match and that they needed to search my car. I agreed to the search, BUT after that the officers said they needed a drug dog on the scene and we had to sit on the curb and wait for the dog to get there during the summer (while the cops sat in their car). Around 45 minutes later the dog came sniffed and they were gone in less than a minute.

    Now being a law abiding citizen, how would YOU view the police after this kind of incident?

    I agree with many when they say it's just not right the way minorities are treated by the police.

  • John Weston Jan 21, 2016
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    I don't doubt that. Sorry that happened to you. The War on Drugs has been very unfair to minorities and it needs to end. Besides that, people need treatment/rehab not incarceration for most of these types of offenses in my opinion.

  • Sam Adams Jan 21, 2016
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    Estimates to fix the damage the drug dog caused were between 5-6K. I ended up trading in that SUV to get a new one. My only crime was being a successful back man. In no way do I want to make this a racial issue because we are all the same, but I do believe if others experienced this type of treatment on a constant basis they would have a different perspective when it comes to law enforcement.

  • Jonathan Barnes Jan 21, 2016
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    this video is absurd. if an officer says you are free to go (as he does in this video) and after the fact asks if you are willing to step to the rear of the car to speak for a second, you should NEVER agree to that. If he says you are free to go, your interaction is over. Never ever be disrespectful to an officer, but never give up your rights either.