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Raleigh man arrested in connection with hit-and-run crash

Posted October 8, 2012
Updated October 9, 2012

— Raleigh police on Monday arrested a 40-year-old man in connection with a hit-and-run crash near the intersection of Wake Forest Road and St. Albans Drive. 

According to investigators, Willie Lee Artist was driving a 2008 Dodge minivan south on Wake Forest Road when he hit Sherman Jerome Bryant, who was walking across Wake Forest Road, about 7:30 p.m. 

Following the wreck, Artist left the scene, police said. Bryant, 24, wasn't walking in a designated crosswalk at the time of the wreck and suffered a broken ankle. 

Artist was charged with felony hit-and-run. 

No other information was released.


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  • SubwayScoundrel Oct 10, 2012

    Right near my house. Wake Forest is a crazy place to cross and there is a decent amount of foot traffic in this area with the hospital, Hotel,Drug Store, appartments. There are crosswalks but I do see people walking across 7 lanes of traffic, and yes, sometimes in dark clothing at night.

  • submoa Oct 10, 2012

    The other day the vehicle in this story was described as an SUV. Now it's a minivan? That's a big difference.

  • common tater Oct 10, 2012

    He was driving a 4-yr old car...much newer than mine...so I'm not buying the "couldn't afford insurance so he ran". He obviously had something to hide.

    I see pedestrians and cyclists all the time with dark clothes and no light, on unlit streets. Pesestrians walking with traffic, and cyclists against it. It's common to see joggers on the road when there's a sidewalk a few feet away. Use some common sense, folks.

  • dontstopnow Oct 10, 2012

    sorry this man was injured. However, if you are a pedestrian, you owe it to yourself to be responsible for your own safety at all times when crossing the street. My Mom taught me that as a child so why do people always depend on someone driving to protect them instead of taking that on as their resposibility. The highway is no place to be playing russian roulette with your life by stepping out in front of oncoming traffic. Hope the injured man has a speedy recovery.

  • shortcake53 Oct 10, 2012

    Not excusing the driver in any way, but pedestrians need to take some responsibility for their safety too. Many times I have seen people just in the nick of time, due to dark of night, dark clothes, no reflectors on clothing and just taking for granted that they can cross and everyone will just stop for them. Leaving someone is totally horrid, but so is endangering yourself and a driver by walking in the middle of the road under difficult conditions.

  • nymamiyankee Oct 9, 2012

    there are no sidewalks where we live, so when my daughter walks home from Wake Tech northern campus, she is in danger of being hit, she said cars will beep at her even though she is as far off the road, walking on people's grass...dont understand why some many areas of this "city" dont have sidewalks..glad the man hit wasnt seriously injured...

  • Rebelyell55 Oct 9, 2012

    Wonder how long he'll lose his license for?

  • JDAmbrosio Oct 9, 2012

    Okay, how does anyone know this guy even saw the pedestrian who was NOT in the sidewalk???

  • cents2save Oct 9, 2012

    Try being a pedestrian in this town. Crosswalks are few and far between, especially away from downtown. Are you willing to walk one mile up and then half a mile back on some of our streets/roads to use a marked crosswalk? Light-colored clothes, reflective items or a lighted device would increase visibility. Both those on foot and behind the wheel should stay alert. Don't try to beat traffic when crossing. It is hard to judge speed and distance of vehicles.

  • Just Once Oct 9, 2012

    More often than not - I believe they drive off for a REASON - The felony hit and run is better than DUI + whatever else they would get.