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Raleigh police search for driver in fatal hit-and-run

Posted April 27, 2009

— Police were searching Monday for a driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run on eastbound Interstate 40 at Gorman Street Sunday night.

The crash, which happened at about 10:30 p.m., killed Ian Kristopher Quick, 25, who was driving a mo-ped, police said.

Investigators said they were looking for a mid-2000s or newer yellow Nissan Xterra with front-end damage. The SUV's license plate begins with the letters YSS, police said.

The SUV was last seen speeding eastbound on I-40 toward Hammond Road. Anyone with information is asked to call the Raleigh Police Department's Field Operations Division at 919-996-3350.


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  • chfdcpt Apr 27, 2009

    YSS???? That only means that someone has to search thru YSSS0001 thru YSS9999. And must read each registration to make sure that it comes back to the suspect vehicle. Also, keep in mind that NC does not have the vehicle color in the registration cards anymore.

    For the ones that say that it can be done in a few minutes, feel free to contact DMV and offer your speedy services. Computer data bases are great, as long as you have the correct information.

    And if the YSS is not from NC, that makes it even harder, since you cannot request an out of state search like that and expect results in less than a week or so.

  • Bohican Apr 27, 2009

    Several posters are confused about the value of a partial tag. First of all you assume that it is accurate. What if one of the letters is off??? Of course officers are pursing DMV queries with that partial tag info. First of all the tag could be fictitious making the information useless. The value of putting it out in the media is that someone may see a vehicle that matches the color / make / model and vehicle type. For instance someone who does body work, tows cars etc. It doesn't matter who was right / wrong. You should never leave a human being to die alone or have their grieving friends / family member to wonder for days what happened. That is just wrong.

  • Scubagirl Apr 27, 2009

    While I know that the crime shows on TV are fiction it seems that some of what they do is based in fact. With that in mind I ask the serious question: Could they not get partial tag matches that would also show the make/model of the vehicle?

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 27, 2009

    Do they even make real "mopeds" any more?...those ones with the pedals?

    Deathrow, it's also possible that the moped was on the shoulder and the driver, who despises scooters & the people who drive them, intentionally clipped the guy. He IS driving a get-outta-the-way, I-own-the-road SUV, afterall.

  • angora2 Apr 27, 2009

    Those little scooters and mopeds scare the bejesus out of me because they're hard to see and hear from inside a car. Also, scooter drivers are basically motionless. Bicyclists are pumping and drivers can see the movement.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 27, 2009

    entryrejected: "how come people don't realize that you are getting into more trouble if they run?"

    Simple. They will be punished, if caught, for leaving the scene of an accident, among possibly a few other charges. But they would most likely wind up with probation at most. They probably didn't stop because they most likely had an illegal substance in their vehicle, were intoxicated, driving without a license or insurance, or were Illegal Aliens. Those charges could drastically increase jail time if they stayed at the accident scene.

  • entryrejected Apr 27, 2009

    how come people don't realize that you are getting into more trouble if they run? i would be going crazy if i hit some one and not stopped to see how hurt they were.

  • DawgDue Apr 27, 2009

    I drove through this accident scene last night on my way home from the Hurricanes game. It took place about 400 yards before the Gorman St. exit on 40 East. It was a pretty rough scene to come across on your way home. Because it was dark, it was tough to tell what exactly the person was riding on, but it looked larger than a moped. Honestly, I thought it was a motorcycle, but if they're calling it a moped, it has to be one of those scooters. Whatever the case, it was laying in the inside shoulder about 200 yards past where all the cars were stopped and medical treatment was being given to the victim. Very sad to hear the victim passed away, after seeing the person laying on the side of the road being given medical treatment.

  • Wags Apr 27, 2009

    "Investigators said they are looking for a mid-2000s or newer yellow Nissan Xterra SUV, partial N.C. license plate of YSS."

    DMV cannot do a search with this information? I would hope you could search all Nissans with the partial plate of YSS.

  • Journey985 Apr 27, 2009

    I pay close enough attention to not had any accidents the last 18 years I have been on the road, can you say the same? And yes, I did see your post, but as you well know it takes the moderators time to review and post our comments, and since I was in the process of typing mine (WHICH if you notice was right below your revised statement) then you would realize it was said before it posted. But as you don't seem to have enough common sense to realize that, I will make sure to avoid any roadways you may be traveling...