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Raleigh police investigate stabbing

Posted March 8, 2010

— Raleigh police are investigating a stabbing that happened around 3:30 a.m. Monday on New Bern Avenue at Club Envy, formerly known as Black Ties.

Officers say a man was stabbed during a fight outside the club. He is expected to be OK. No arrests have been made.


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  • wildcat Mar 8, 2010

    Continue to pray for all involved. We need to b ring the western days back. Each person carry their own weapon - guns.

  • wattsun Mar 8, 2010

    NCStatePack ...LOL

  • fatchanceimwrong Mar 8, 2010

    Let me rephrase for the benefit of the thin-skinned moderator:

    saturn5: this place is located in an area that houses people of the lower socioeconomic status and the club cates to people of the lower socioeconomic status...hence the problems with violence at the club.

  • 1 of the original Americans Mar 8, 2010

    traditionally on sunday nights clubs tend to pull a much youger crowd... add to that that if you call it Envy or Black ties we all know what type of crowd this place caters to... and the owners management are bunch of thugs themselves.

    true story... a few of the girls decided to go out... lets try this club. we pulled in to parking space and while doing that last minute makeup check we notice a man at the front door was cussing and yelling at security... then a group of men ran past our car and behind them was the owner/manager (not sure but def. top guy there) and security run past us with guns in hand ready to shoot!! needless to say we left ....

    but if management is thugs, securtity is thugs... customers are thugs.. what do you expect to happen?

  • Justin T. Mar 8, 2010

    Maybe instead of permanently closing the club they can change the name to "Stabbey's".

  • saturn5 Mar 8, 2010

    What is it with that location? Do the clubs cater to a rough crowd? Is it a bad neighborhood? There's more trouble in that area than most other clubs anywhere in town. (at least, that's how it seems from the new) There must be a common denominator in all these incidents.

  • pattip574 Mar 8, 2010

    bulldoze that place!

  • gtrojan03 Mar 8, 2010

    Not everybody out on a Sunday night is looking for trouble.

  • PepperPoo Mar 8, 2010

    not surprised.

  • NCStatePack Mar 8, 2010

    At least he was right across from wakemed... I mean, if you're gonna get stabbed, at least he picked a good location.