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Raleigh police investigate body found in Lake Lynn

Posted October 8, 2012

— Police said they are investigating the Monday morning discovery of a woman's body in Raleigh's Lake Lynn.

Officers found the body of Gulalay Bahawdory, 60, of Raleigh, near the Sailboat Bay Apartment Homes complex in the 3200 block of Lynn Ridge Drive.

Bahawdory lived on Waterbury Road in northeast Raleigh. She was reported missing Sunday night and her car was found near the lake.

Police are classifying it only as a death investigation and haven't released any details, other than to say that their initial investigation shows no signs of foul play.


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  • barbtries Oct 9, 2012

    editors please get us more information. this happened right where i live. thank you.

  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Oct 9, 2012

    Dontprint, yeah I knew of that one, that was across the lake in one of those apts off of Leesville Rd. I'm in the Sailboat Bay complex and it's just a tad too close to home right now. It's a little more settling to know they don't suspect foul play but I hope they're right. Not to sound horrible and I'm really sorry for the family's loss, but I hope it was something medical and she fell in somehow and not some crazy freak on the loose on the trail. I'm leery to walk the dog on the trail right now w/o knowing for sure. I'm always aware of my surroundings, I only wear one ipod bud in my ears so I can still hear what's going on around me, carry a mace on my keys, etc but it still scares me.

  • Southern Girl Oct 8, 2012

    Maybe if they would release some details, somebody would come forward with something that they know. Doesn't make sense if they have details not to release them.

  • malonem1 Oct 8, 2012

    My thoughts/prayers are with this woman's family - I hope they catch whoever did this.

  • tsquaring Oct 8, 2012

    I'd be interested in more details on this story as your get them WRAL.

  • romneycare Oct 8, 2012

    in the lake???????? Oh my god

  • janicemdg Oct 8, 2012

    I was out there this morning and it started as a missing person case....there were about 15 cop cars and they had a car in the parking lot taped off and blocked off..........believe they found the body in the lake............scary ...and sad

  • iknowmyschnitzel Oct 8, 2012

    Shaking...did you ever hear about the Drew Planten/Stephanie Bennett murder in that apartment area years ago? Just when you think you're in a safe place, you see things like this. Here's a link just to a little timeline. It was eerie to say the least.

  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Oct 8, 2012

    Was it IN the lake or in the apt complex? I live in the area there and it's Sailboat Bay apt complex. The 3250/60's are against the wooded area backed up to the trail around the lake. Kind of eerie how vague the details are.