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Raleigh Police Find More Than $250K of Marijuana at Brier Creek Home

Posted March 25, 2008
Updated March 26, 2008

— A Raleigh man was arrested for growing “Hydro” marijuana.

Raleigh police undercover officers found more than 80 pounds of high-grade marijuana inside Thang Dang’s home in Brier Creek, officials said.

They valued the pot at more than $250,000.


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  • Coach K is GREAT Mar 26, 2008

    Well... he's got to get it from some one else, who get's it from some one else, and on, and on, and on...

  • blackdog Mar 26, 2008

    ...sorry WRAL, but he was not growing the 89 pounds...

  • blackdog Mar 26, 2008

    ...the pot came from DEA agents, who sold it.....

  • GWALLY Mar 26, 2008

    ...Thang Dang your under arrest. What for ossifer....? Cause you got to much Mary Jane!!
    ...Well dang ossifer, I just loves me some of that dang mary jane thang...!

  • VT1994Hokie Mar 26, 2008

    What a wild and crazy name. It reminds me of "A wild and crazy guy." But, I can't thang of his name dang it. 250 K is a lot of jack. He could have sold it to some that thought it to be pure marijuana. Glad the police department were on the job. Congratulations to the officer.

  • GodBless Mar 26, 2008

    THANG DANG??? Dang!

  • Tom Morrow Mar 26, 2008

    I wonder where they plan to burn this stash...? Perhaps a downwind fieldtrip is in order?

  • batcave Mar 26, 2008

    idustrial hemp and mj are not the same thing. the industrial stuff has almost no thc. your lung would freeze up before u got high. I think most people try to move to low crime areas not just brier creek, I have never heard anyone ask a realtor---do u have something nice in the hi crime area of town?

  • merrywidow Mar 26, 2008

    I don't remember where I heard it. I'm a conspiracy theory geek heehee!

  • PCguy Mar 26, 2008

    Coach K:

    Thang WAS the supplier =)

    The hidden history of hemp is quite interesting, here's a little snippet from the net:

    Hemp, or cannabis, or marijuana was outlawed in 1937 because it threatened the nation-less corporate interests of - William Randolph Hearst ­ and - DuPont. They had to get rid of the competition. - Hearst's yellow journalism newspaper chain wrote scathing stories about "marijuana" - a word he made up - because he knew no one would believe them about hemp, which George Washington himself grew hemp.

    The decorticator, a state of the art hemp harvester, led Popular Mechanics to call hemp the New Billion Dollar Crop. - - Because of printing and bindery lead time required for publication, this February 1938 article was actually prepared in the spring of 1937, when cannabis hemp was still legal to grow and was an incredibly fast-growing industry. - - Newsprint could now be produced far more cheaply than any other method, and one acre of hemp could produce...