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Raleigh police: Drunken driver hit pole

Posted September 16, 2008

— Raleigh police say a drunken driver caused a crash around 3 a.m. Tuesday at Oberlin and Fairview roads.

Investigators arrested Jennifer Rudolph, 35, of Wilmington, and charged her with DWI and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Rudolph hit a utility pole and her SUV ended up in front of a business in the Five Points area, police said.


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  • OrdinaryCitizen Sep 16, 2008

    Alcoholics and drug addicts will never learn. Our punishments for DUI's are terrible and are money payments for lawyers, insurance companies and the courts(which cost us all money as a taxpayer btw). I propose a different punishment the will save tax money and either save or keep alcoholics/druggies off the road.
    1. Mandatory AA/drug counseling paid for by guilty party (on weekends and twice a week)
    2. Weekly drug testing and alcohol testing paid for by guilty party
    3. Psychological exam before getting license back (paid for by guilty party)
    4. One night stay in jail
    5. A ton of community service, related to drugs or alcohol
    I would rather clean someone's life up then bankrupt them. Taking away someone's license is taking away the ability for them to support thier family which in turn costs us all taxpayers. I'm tired of this money going to lawyers and insurance companies.

  • ECU Alumni 06 Sep 16, 2008

    Do people ever learn? We hear way too many stories about drunk drivers. Obviously, it takes some people to actually get caught once or a few times to learn. I don't feel sorry for fools.

  • pebbles262004 Sep 16, 2008

    Some people just have no common sense!!!!!

  • Redneck_Bob Sep 16, 2008

    I wonder what that pole did to make her want to go and hit it like she did?

  • VITAMIN X Sep 16, 2008


  • bs101fly Sep 16, 2008

    i hope it hurt!

  • LibertarianTechie Sep 16, 2008

    With alcohol education is the way it is, by the time we graduate high school, we know what alcohol does to our bodies--it inhibits our body's various systems to the point that your reaction time is retarded that you can cause harm to yourself and/or others. With this in mind, I am proposing that this woman be charged with attempted murder and attempted suicide! How long will it take us to realize that punishment for driving drunk must be increased in order for it to be stopped, or at the very least reduced to the point that if you do, you are looked down apon as being an ignorant fool who shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

  • twc Sep 16, 2008

    Jerry probably wouldn't understand "I'm not drunk ossissifer. I just had one little martooni!" either.

  • Cat22 Sep 16, 2008

    Obviously you didn't get the joke. I was "pretending" to be drunk, like the subject of the story, and unable to spell, or complete a sentence properly. I guess some people are unable to "read between the lines". I'll try to be more obvious next time.

  • Jeremiah Sep 16, 2008

    "Can you spell A-L-C-H-O-L-I-C?"

    you can't, obviously