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Raleigh police cruiser involved in wreck

Posted May 5, 2010

— A Raleigh police cruiser and a Nissan Sentra car were involved in a wreck in downtown Wednesday morning, police said.

Police spokeswoman Laura Hourigan said that a police officer eastbound on Martin Street ran a red light at Blount Street. The police cruiser struck the Nissan, which was southbound on Blount Street.

A woman and child in the Nissan were transported to a hospital to be checked out but did not suffer major injuries, Hourigan said.

The whole front end of the police cruiser was torn off.

The officer was not responding to a call when the wreck occurred, Hourigan said.

More details haven't been released.


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  • rjacks20 May 7, 2010

    oh no, a motor vehicle accident! What is this world coming to when a police officer is involved in a traffic accident? Get a grip. Let's look at Raleigh PD alone. 6 districts, two squads working every day. Thats about 144 patrol cars running 24/7, 365. Add to that number of detectives and special units working, I'd say that number is closer to 200. Now think about all the other agencies in Wake county and the number of accidents you read about. Get a life Journey.

  • RPD07 May 6, 2010


    I'm waiting for that example..... anytime..... what's that? You can't find it?

  • Journey985 May 6, 2010

    Well, thank you RPD07 - glad to know you RPD officers can pay attention to something! Perhaps if you were all more worried about watching were you are going and what color a traffic light is, then playing on your laptops, or talking on your cell phones, or checking someones spelling on Golo, then maybe RPD would not have to repair another cruiser, and pay those innocent peoples medical bills, especially in this down economy when funds are tight. No Raise for you!!

  • RPD07 May 5, 2010


    Also, name ONE time....JUST ONE that a trooper was driving drunk ON DUTY. That is what you are implying with your comment. Oh, that's right, it HAS NOT happened.

  • RPD07 May 5, 2010


    Your argument would sound better if you weren't so terrible at spelling and grammar. First it is "write" not "right" (They better "right" this LEO a ticket). Second, it's "text" not "test" (...seeing as they have too much to worry about without being allowed to "test").

    The "texting" law applies to the computers, that is why emergency personnel are exempt, not because of texting on phones.

    Also, state law says all registered vehicles MUST have insurance. The insurance doesn't have to be from a company if the entity that owns the cars can prove they have enough money. In that case, the owner can be "self insured" (i.e. Raleigh).

    Now I'll also take the bet that the officer WILL get ticketed. I'll take mine cooked rare, with a salad and green beans. Make it a sweet tea to drink, too.

  • Journey985 May 5, 2010

    "have you ever SEEN all the things they have to pay attention to in the patrol car? A computer screen, the police radio, plus all the traffic outside the car." I guess LEO's and rescue personnel should not be exempt from the states "No Texting" law, seeing as they have too much to worry about without being allowed to test?

  • Whatever Geez May 5, 2010

    determined2win: RPD officer ran into the side of my friends tandem axle truck & got away without penalty.

    And how do you know he didn't get written up or ticketed? HUH all of you cop bashers that think you know everything. You alwasy come up here with your non-sense comments about how they are all over hte place and out of control.....Geez

  • Journey985 May 5, 2010

    "It doesn't say whether the lights and sirens were activated." you're right rescuefan...what the article DOES say is that the officer was NOT responding to a call!! They better right this LEO a ticket!! Another LEO behaving as they see fit. Better check to see if he was driving drunk like the SHP tend to do. Can't WAIT to hear the LEO supporters defend this one!!!

  • anti-Hans May 5, 2010

    Normally I am all for police rights and defend the police, especailly against the LEO bashers on GOLO.

    This AM I am taking my daughter to school on 540, doing about 70 and a Wake Co Sheriff blows by me like I am sitting still. No lights, no sirens, just cruising. Do I know where he was going? No, but if on a call driving that fast on 540, he should have some lights on.

    Couple exits up the road, sitting under the Six Forks overpass, there is the HP that always sits there. I wonder if the sheriff cruised past him.

  • Justin T. May 5, 2010

    Thanks for the non-story, WRAL.

    Extra special thanks to the posters for all of the speculation and police-bashing. It really is the perfect ending for such a pointless story.