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Raleigh police continue to investigate men's deaths

Posted October 4, 2010
Updated October 5, 2010

— Police on Monday continued to investigate the deaths of two men whose bodies were found Saturday outside a Hillsborough Street apartment building.

The bodies of Ray Allan Ausbon, 21, and Zachary Martin Tigner, 19, of Apex, were found Saturday morning on the fire escape outside Ausbon's apartment in the Boylan Apartments complex, police said.

Investigators said they don't suspect foul play in their deaths. Their bodies have been sent to the State Medical Examiner's Office in Chapel Hill for autopsies to determine the cause of their deaths.

Ausbon was a senior accounting major at North Carolina State University, while Tigner attended Gardner-Webb University. Both men graduated from Apex High School and were members of Apex Methodist Church.


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  • CarolinianByChoice Oct 5, 2010

    More detail can be found in the N&O report: http://www.newsobserver.com/2010/10/05/721182/deaths-on-fire-escape-unexplained.html

    Wouldn't jump on that drug related band wagon so quickly as one of the young men had enlisted in the Army & was to report for duty Monday and the other was on the Dean's list . . .

    All in all, very mysterious - Prayers to these young men's families and friends . .

  • Ignatius Reilly Oct 5, 2010

    >>ypical. Everybody here knows more about the situation than the police, medical examiner, and WRAL reporters.

    You wouldn't have to know a great deal about it to know more than the WRAL "reporters." I see that the story, which has had a minuscule presence on this website, was put together by a web editor. Translation: No reporter involved...a minimalist cobbling together from other media.

    WRAL just doesn't like this story. It doesn't sell cars; it doesn't appeal to the all important Fayetteville market segment; it has not been improved by the Raleigh council for a new, exciting city center and the C of C.

  • paginasecunda Oct 4, 2010

    Typical. Everybody here knows more about the situation than the police, medical examiner, and WRAL reporters. Strange how that always happens. Comment on the facts guys. Don't turn it into a drug-induced double homicide unless you are the detective assigned to the case, and in that case you have no business commenting publicly. I for one feel for the family and friends. I was not close to him at all, but one of those involved was in my class. I am really sorry to hear this.

  • O I C Oct 4, 2010

    even if it was drug related, who said anything about ILLEGAL drugs? prescription drugs are legal and cause overdoses. marijuana is illegal and doesn't cause overdoses...

  • squeels1221 Oct 4, 2010

    I don't understand how "investigators said they don't suspect foul play". Two very young men are found dead! Even if it is drug-related, isn't it odd that they BOTH died? How unlikely for 2 people to die from an overdose at the same time without one being able to call for help first? I dunno, very weird. And very sad. Their poor families....

  • wildcat Oct 4, 2010

    drugs did play a role.
    Rev WTVD Viewer

    Illegal drugs continues to take a lot of lives and many don't see that.

  • 8675309-9 Oct 4, 2010

    Unfortunately, from what I understand, drugs did play a role.

  • monkeyboy Oct 4, 2010

    "Raleigh police continue to investigate men's deaths".

    wow. when i first read this headline, i thought maybe they meant that due to budget cuts, they weren't going to investigate women's deaths anymore...

    joking aside, this is weird. my money's on drugs as the cause...

  • momeeee Oct 4, 2010

    So sad!