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Raleigh police car overturns, blocks traffic

Posted November 4, 2010

— A Raleigh police car was overturned on northbound Capital Boulevard near downtown on Thursday afternoon, causing traffic delays in the area.

The RPD car was overturned after a wreck involving another vehicle near North McDowell and West Lane streets.

It is unclear what caused the wreck.

Police said the officer and the driver of the other vehicle will be OK.

"She (the officer) hit the bridge abutment. She flipped up in the air and for one second I saw her right above my car," the driver of the other vehicle told WRAL News. "I sort of went underneath it and she came down and smashed into the abutment again. I thought she was killed. I am amazed that she walked out of there with just minor injuries."

Capital Boulevard was closed for more than an hour while the wreck was cleared.


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  • sickofstupidpeople Nov 11, 2010

    **it happens. Leave the girl alone and get a life. She's a good officer. Glad you're ok Lindsay.

  • Journey985 Nov 11, 2010

    See, while I am glad this officer is ok, it has now been revealed that she was at fault and needs to be cited accordingly!!!

  • roldan24 Nov 8, 2010

    Dont worry about it Leo..Journey's been trolling on this news report every chance he gets repeating the same thing over. Just hope L.H. is ok.

  • leo-nc Nov 5, 2010

    Journey, if you want your tax dollars for her salary and her cruiser back, meet me somewhere and I'll give you a quarter. I doubt it even cost you that much. We pay taxes too, so I guess I'm not getting paid as much as I thought I was eh? It's a clue.... I hope you seriously find it one day.

  • leo-nc Nov 5, 2010

    "So 40 in a school zone justifies 60 in a school zone to catch them."--

    So are we supposed to go slower than a speeder in order to catch them? Just curious what your solution to this major problem would be....

  • Journey985 Nov 5, 2010

    Wow, reports say she was traveling at around 25-30 MPH (WRAl 6pm news) when she clipped the back end of the other drivers car. Guess maybe the officers should be subjected to the same "NO TEXTING" law as the rest of us. I know what you all will say, there was no proof she was texting, agreed, but whether she was texting or using her computer, this was careless driving and she should be cited for it. I am glad she and the other driver are ok though. I NEVER wish harm to anyone. Thats another police cruiser gone, more tax dollars to replace it!!

  • jscletsplay1002002 Nov 5, 2010

    November 4, 2010 6:57 p.m.

    "Not a suprise. I watched a RPD officer on White Oak Rd 100 yds from a school zone (St Davids)floor it to probably 60mph in a 35 to catch a speeder on Tuesday afternoon. So 40 in a school zone justifies 60 in a school zone to catch them."

    Thats funny White Oak Rd is in Garner and not in the RPD district, Hmmm is someone giving out bad information here?????

  • Scottie Nov 4, 2010

    the google map of the location is only off by ten miles... geesh

  • didisaythat Nov 4, 2010

    So that is what caused the traffic. Hope all are ok. Come on haters where are the comments?

  • rescuefan Nov 4, 2010

    "Give details, or don't report. Wait til you have some clear facts!

    Wow, if you feel that strongly, maybe you don't need to be reading WRAL for your news. Seriously, take a chill pill.

    I am glad the officer and the other driver are okay!