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Raleigh police: 13-year-old stole truck, ran from officers

Posted October 1, 2009

— A 13-year-old boy stole a truck, took police on a chase, crashed into a tree and a utility pole and ran away around 4 a.m. Thursday, authorities said.

Police caught the boy and his passenger, whose names were not released, after a short chase.

The boy stole the truck from East Davie Street and crashed on Poole Road, according to a Raleigh watch commander.

No one was hurt.


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  • Eduardo1 Oct 1, 2009

    Why can't the felons be named? old enough to stea, drive a truck, old enough to be named. No problem naming the 12 & 11 year olds this week, even publicizing that she was pregnant at 11 years of age
    while stealing the vehicle, he ran in to a group of children coming home from school and killed them, would his name still be kept off the public record?

  • tsquaring Oct 1, 2009

    I'll bet Mom is proud! Probably one of those "not my baby" moms. I'll wager this won't be the last we hear from this kid.

  • annieaamrm Oct 1, 2009

    So is this how we teach our children 'accountability'.... what most complain that is lacking in todays youth.

    '''Blame the parents.'''

    Now I understand the problem. I never blamed my parents, or even thought my parents were responsible for any of my actions.

  • cary1969 Oct 1, 2009

    the only thing that happens in North Raleigh is parties thrown by parent who supply beer b/c they want to be the "cool" parents, pre arranged drag racing, and doctors running into people. just a few off the top of my head.

  • purplepat777 Oct 1, 2009

    Parents to blame for any underage child. Don't matter how you was raise. The parents need to be held responsible since this child was under-age. Of course you already knew that even though you were spoiled. What!

    Professor - You have misnamed yourself.

  • Jack Flash Oct 1, 2009

    "Parents financially responsible for their childrens actions, yes I agree. But criminally responsible - Not unless they had involvement in the specific criminal act."

    That's a really good distinction.

    There's a disturbing lack of humility here. A bunch of Internet cowards assume that such things could only happen because parents were bad in the latter way -- by being criminally or morally responsible. How insecure people must be that they have to make themselves feel better and convince themselves that nothing like this could ever happen to them because the other parents must have been horrible, horrible people.

  • annieaamrm Oct 1, 2009

    Parents financially responsible for their childrens actions, yes I agree. But criminally responsible - Not unless they had involvement in the specific criminal act. (without speculation as to wether I've spent enough time with my child, provided enough supervision, use inadequate parent/child teaching methods, chosing an invalid school for them, brought them up in a rough neighborhood, and the list goes on...)

  • Diabolical Oct 1, 2009

    The kids are going to do what they want anyway, whether their parents tell them no or yes. You can't stop it. And it's shame, the parents get blamed for the child's wrong doing. The childs mind set was already in motion... unless, the dad is a car theif himself than I can't see blaming the parents, but these kids took the truck for a joy ride and they should be the ones responsible. I don't think a paddle to the behind and grounded to your room for a month is going to solve it either.

  • cold hands warm heart Oct 1, 2009

    Although I agree that some kids get into trouble for lack of supervision or discipline, there will always be kids who do manage to get out and cause trouble that is no fault of the parents. I grew up in a VERY strict household and yet 2 of my sisters always stayed in trouble and manage to snick out of the house in the middle of the night.

  • ngsoldier13p Oct 1, 2009

    NC law says that whatever the child does, the parents/guardians are responsible for it. Now these parents we be liable for the damages their children caused. As a LEO in a nearby city, I see more and more juveniles everyday charged with more and more "adult" type crimes. Sure the blame can be put on the parents, and it mostly is, but NC's super lenient Juvenile Justice system is to blame as well. Shoot, this time last year I charged a 15 y/o kid for carrying a sawed off shotgun in his pants...and since it wasn't a "nondeferable" offense (ie murder, rape, arson, etc), I had to release him to his guardian. It was the same with these two kids I would imagine.