Raleigh planners approve new Sheetz

Posted June 28, 2013

— Despite opposition from neighbors, a new Sheetz gas station and convenience store could soon be built near a residential community.

Planning Commissioners approved the rezoning for a 6-acre lot on the corner of North New Hope Church and Buffaloe roads. The proposed rezoning would change the property from Residential-6 to Neighborhood Business Conditional Use and allow for the construction of a Sheetz gas station and convenience store.

The application was approved in a 5-3 vote with Commissioners Eric Braun, Steven Schuster, Quince Fleming, Erin Sterling-Lewis, and Isabel Mattox voting in support.

Commissioners Marvin Butler, Adam Terando, and Mitch Fluhrer voted in opposition.


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  • ripetomatoes Jul 1, 2013

    Another victorious landowner.

  • justjean Jul 1, 2013

    Raleigh City Council has and will continue to be like, "whatever, we do what we want!" Shame on them!

  • MyOwnTwoCents Jun 28, 2013

    There are 3 smart people on the planning commission. Thank you for listening to the people. The rest of them...well it just shows you how government is not supposed to work. Picking government over the people and not listening. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • whatelseisnew Jun 28, 2013

    So the Dems prove they are buddies to greedy corporations. They always have been and I always get a laugh when the lefties claim that the Republicans only care about rich people. The Dems smell tax revenue so they are going for it. I imagine Sheetz will have to pay whatever the required Government bribes are in order to build and operate this station. This ought to also do wonders for the water table. You greenies ought to love it.

  • trianglerelic Jun 28, 2013

    The funny part of all this is Sheetz will Infuriate the very same people that they will later depend on to spend their hard earned money at said establishment. Not sure about You, but I'm not going to spend a cent in a store that lowers my home's value. Then again, I'm the type of person that stopped shopping at BP after the spill and would rather run out of gas and pay for a tow than give BP a penny. Maybe Sheetz should survey the 6 or 8 subdivisions around here to see how many people will consider shopping with them after they devalue our homes and force our children to suck gas fumes when playing in their back yards. Gasoline causes cancer, we don't serve poison fumes and spills in our homes and yards.

  • trianglerelic Jun 28, 2013

    This is a HORRIBLE Location for a business of any sort. Drivers headed east on Buffalo Road will have to cross 4 lanes of traffic traveling West to reach it. Only cars headed West would have access. Same issue for New Hope Road.. Cars headed North could access the station, but those traveling South will have to cross multiple lanes of traffic including a a turn-only lane that is already entirely overtaxed.
    There are 2 gas stations, less than a quarter mile from this corner at New Hope and Louisburg. A half mile in the other direction there are several stations including the Murphy station. Expand to 1 mile and there are at least 10 gas stations as well as numerous food places. We don't need yet another Gas Station here! Why does Sheetz feel the need to put a station inside a sub-division. YES, I Said INSIDE a Sub-Division.. There will be homes touching 2 sides of a Gas station.. Oh, and St. James Church / School across the street! Very, poor planning!!!

  • OpenM1nd Jun 28, 2013

    A much better location would be that lot that just got plowed over at the intersection of Spring Forest Rd. and Capital Blvd. Mini City has been going down hill for too long and needs something new.

  • Supie Jun 28, 2013

    more than one Sheetz can go on 6 acres. Look forward to strip malls too. I'd rather have a Sheetz than "cash for checks" stores.

  • lmccrory Jun 28, 2013

    Isn't that supposed to be NEW HOPE Road and not New Hope Church?

  • nascar33 Jun 28, 2013

    Wonderful another mega gas station.