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Raleigh-Owned Day Care Must Close

Posted June 8, 2007

— Dozens of children must stop attending a city-owned day care contaminated by asbestos and lead paint.
But teachers, staff and parents at New Bern Avenue Day Care say the danger is exaggerated and that the city is collecting a piece of prime real estate close to downtown.

The day care was designed 40 years ago to serve low-income families.

The contamination at the center on Tarboro Road surfaced after its heating system failed last winter.

More than 60 children attend the day-care center.


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  • Butterbean Jun 9, 2007

    This in nothing, the Colonial Inn in Hillsborough N C has been shut down for several years for lead based paint. Oh, it's been in operation since the 1700's until it changed hands the last time.

  • Lukey Jun 9, 2007

    There's a great prolbem with that asbestos. It is not dangerous unless it is disturbed and caused to "float" into the atmosphere. In order to remove it first the entire area must be sealed off with a plastic wrap and then workers must wear very special ventilators and clothing. after wrapping the area then each part of the asbestos must be wrapped individually to prevent "dusting" of the asbestos. This is a very extensive process. Someone asked if these kids and workers will be out on the street. IT IS NOT SAFE FOR THEM TORETURN TO THIS BUILDING. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.

    Then there's the problem of where to dispose of it.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Jun 9, 2007

    Every house in this country was full of asbestos ...insulation, shingles, siding. If it was that toxic, we'd all be dead. More "sky is falling" goobermint response.

  • districtcadvocate Jun 9, 2007

    Where is our righteous indignation where the Pope House is concerned and the lackluster posture of the city council where the stabilization of this property on this site is concerned?

    I appreciate the chance to stand up for New Bern Ave. Day Care. I knew Ms. Debnam for years. I watched her walk from your home to the center almost daily. But I have also witnessed how we have migrated from the communities that bore us, did all we could to separate ourselves from our past and now wonder why things happen like this.

    We have the council elections coming up in October. What questions are you going to ask your district representative, your at-large representative, your mayor?

  • nbadcdirector Jun 9, 2007

    My only hope as the director of NBADC, Inc. is that the media (the N&O, WRAL, NBC-17, etc)who eagerly wanted to talk to me about this issue, will call to interview me about the positive of opening a new facility. Hopefully the headlines will read "City evicted day care finds hope".

    Please keep NBADCC in your prayers!!!

  • nbadcdirector Jun 9, 2007

    Kim, thank you for your support. Most of my parents are very supportive, concerned, but supportive. Currently, we are in the process of finding somewhere to go. We have some offers, but the space must be big enough to accomodate 65 plus children. We must also maintain the regulations given to us by the State of NC before we are able to settle on any building. At this time, we are working with a gentleman who is quite aware of what it takes to set up a preschool facility. The location will probably be temporary until he builds a permanent place for NBADCC. Right now, I just want to do whatever it takes to get us out of "harm's way" and get some normalcy in my life, my family's life as well as my staff and my many families.

    Even though we won't be on that corner after almost 40 yrs. of serving the community, the legacy, love, warmth and spirit of NBADCC will still live on. The void of NBADCC will be felt by many in the community.

  • kim king Jun 9, 2007

    NO race card fact- you are in a high black area and your daycare has a high black attendance. After 40 years now all of a sudden a park needs to go there. That makes no since and If that is not prime real estate what is? Is bojangle and cookout leaving too? A park does not fit. The daycare shows that there is a need for that in the area. A daycare without drama. Maybe had you been a la petite or a kindercare you could have stayed. But never mind what you are doing for the community or those who know that you are near downtown where daycare is hard to find, you teach children not just let them play like these other daycares, you provide knowledge instead of barney. Something good will come out of this, This is your heart and your passion. You of all people know how to handle things and I expect nothing less from you in business. It will work in your favor. I do not think that alot of people know that you are leaving or what they are going to be missing

  • nbadcdirector Jun 9, 2007

    No, Kim. It is not an option for us at this time. The Asst. City Mgr. feels that day care is not the highest and best use for that particular property. Please tell me how he figured that out? We are in walking distance of many of my families who do not have transportation. We are located across from a major busline. What the problem is we are not the highest and best for their future development. We have educated many young, bright minds in our center. My mother, the parents and her staff worked their fingers to the bone to make NBADCC successful. I use to have great respect for Lawrence Wray; however, there is none left. Kim, many in the African-American community have nothing positive to say about this man. That concerns me, because he has much to offer all communities. I am not making this a racial issue (for all those bloggers who are saying "Here we go with the race card again"), but it's a known fact. Everyone does see the "writing on the wall" in Southeast Raleigh.

  • kim king Jun 9, 2007

    so what now a park goes up in the middle of the hood and the crime rate goes up and they shut the park down and we have useless space, when they could fix the problem and coninue to help people that can not afford the high tale daycare prices. You and your parents worked so hard for this, I am sorry that they are doing this to you. I love you and if you need anything for me to do please let me know. If i could paint the walls for you I would or replace whatever you needed. You were good to me when alex was there your family has always been there for us and they community is going to miss you guys being there. It is a shame that when something is good it gets messed up, but when it is bad they leave it alone. Not once did I hear of you leaving a child in the van or feeding them spoiled food or beating someone kid but I guess that does not matter. Girl just pray, do not let this bring down the good works in you and that your mother build that name off.

  • kim king Jun 9, 2007

    Girl that is so screwed up, you guys have been there for years and now there is a problem all that is trying to get all the things that are helping out of the area, what is next the center behind you leaves too. That day care could be fixed and they no it are they not going to let you try?