Raleigh optometrist makes prescription lenses for Google Glass

Posted May 9, 2014

— The staff at Eye Care Associates in Raleigh has been making eyeglasses for a long time, but optometrist Dr. Artis Beatty believes a new era is beginning in his business.

Beatty is embracing Google Glass, saying the device could revolutionize medicine.

Google Glass is a wearable, voice-controlled computer with an optical head-mounted display and built-in video camera. Google Glass delivers an augmented reality image to the wearer, and it can search the Internet, answer dictated questions, take pictures and record video.

“I think it's great technology,” Beatty said. “It has really big potential. I could get a live consultation with the other doctor seeing what I'm seeing.”

People who wear prescription lenses couldn't easily use Google Glass because it doesn't fit over a pair of regular glasses. But Eye Care Associates is now making the lenses they need.

Wearers can’t use their own eyeglasses frames; Google’s frames are needed. But for the first time, Google Glass users have an all-in-one solution.

Beatty said the modification helps push the technology a little closer to mainstream use.

“I think it's something that professionals will use on a daily basis, and I think the general public is going to find good uses for it, too,” he said.

About 15 people have purchased the special lenses in the past few months.

The special frames from Google cost about $225 dollars, and the lenses cost no more than prescription lenses for regular glasses.

The Google Glass device itself costs $1,500 - if you're selected by Google to buy them. They aren't available to the general public just yet.


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