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Raleigh may give stalled Moore Square revamp a second look

Posted April 15, 2014

— Talk of revitalizing Moore Square in downtown Raleigh started five years ago, but it's been limited to talk since then.

City Manager Ruffin Hall on Tuesday asked the City Council to "refresh the conversation" about revamping the urban park because an improving economy and low interest rates on bonds mean it's an attractive time to undertake the estimated $12.5 million project.

Several years ago, Raleigh officials sought public input and held a design competition to generate new ideas for the 4-acre park. The winning plan included a civic plaza, a central lawn and a play area for children.

Council members took a new look at old renderings of Moore Square. Councilman Bonner Gaylord said the park has seen better days.

"It's the premier location in the city of Raleigh for a park, and at this time, it's not serving that function because it's outdated," Gaylord said.

Hall said investing in Moore Square would bring even more economic development to the area. Businesses around the park are already doing well, a new high-rise apartment building is going up nearby.

Sprucing up the park also could spur much-needed development in east Raleigh as well, he said.

Some council members aren't sold on the plan or the price tag, however.

"How do we make sure the economic development will spread over to Chavis and other parts of my district?" asked Councilman Eugene Weeks, who represents southeast Raleigh.

The council is expected to put Moore Square on the next meeting's agenda and vote on whether to move forward. If the city decides to revamp the park, construction could start early next year, and it would likely take about two years to complete.


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  • Marley Higgins Apr 16, 2014
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    ""How do we make sure the economic development will spread over to Chavis and other parts of my district?" asked Councilman Eugene Weeks, who represents southeast Raleigh." -

    gentrification - works every time!

  • UpChuck Apr 16, 2014

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    It's an embarrassment when you've got all the homeless hanging out there? Where are they going to go after all the refurbishing? Nowhere, they'll still be there and don't kid yourself by thinking downtown is the "economic engine" of the city.

  • julendsl Apr 16, 2014

    Good for Raleigh!!

    Like it or not downtown is now the main economic engine of the city. The more you invest the better the return. Think of all the development that has spurred out of opening up Fayetteville Street. The park is an embarrassment and the city and 12 million is peanuts for the growth potential. Modern companies are looking for urban living and open space. It’s a great move and should have happened sooner.

  • 12345_here Apr 16, 2014

    I can see the investment in a kids park and sprucing up the lawn, and adding a bit of an amphitheater for all the concerts and activities that go on their, but 10- 12.5 million is not really a worthy price tag. It doesn't need tons of fountains, or sidewalks.

  • zwamus Apr 16, 2014

    Looking around at different great parks in the country parks are a place to return and enjoy nature. Minimal
    hardware is needed. Numbers of dollars I have read to update the park are all above $10 million dollars to
    make a great park. Unless gold nuggets are going to be buried in Moore Park $10 million dollars are going to line someones pocket. Sponsor some Eagle Scout projects and Moore Park would get all the updates needed. As some posts have indicated, homeless dominate the park now and we all know they will in the future, don't make Moore Park a money hole so some politician can be enriched or build a monument to himself.

  • Arthur Raleigh Apr 16, 2014
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    Those are States parks and I don't want my city or county taxes go to paying for State parks.

  • Return of... Apr 16, 2014

    Where are they going to transplant all the homeless folks who hangout there? They'll need someplace to go as well.

  • Leslie Nance Apr 16, 2014
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    Several commentors are talking about the "bums" being there. What if that 12.5 million was spent actually helping the homeless in Raleigh instead of another park? As a country we send so much money and aid elsewhere and don't worry about the homeless we have here.

  • Imma Annoid Apr 16, 2014
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    Hopefully they can sweep the bums out, otherwise I don't see much "development".

  • thebatman13 Apr 16, 2014

    That money would fix a lot of pot holes instead of a park that a whole lot of Raleigh citizens are not going to drive all the way downtown to use. Lots of pot holes between NW Raleigh and downtown.