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Raleigh man recovering, seeks clues to crash

Posted August 22, 2013
Updated August 23, 2013

— Four months after a driver hit Brian Moore from behind, the Raleigh man and his mother turned to the media for help in finding the person responsible.

Moore was headed to a friend's house, riding his mo-ped on Western Boulevard at about 10:30 p.m. March 29.

"I briefly remember going onto the hood of a car," he said.

Moore was thrown from his bike and landed on his head. His mother, Alcinda Moore, said she almost passed out when she saw how badly her son was injured.

"His bike went up in flames and was found approximately 125 feet away," she said. She's grateful that her son doesn't remember more about the crash and the immediate aftermath.

No one has ever been charged in the crash. 

Alcinda Moore said. "I don't understand how anybody can do that," she said.

"Somebody was just drunk or did not care what they had done," he said. Man seeks answers in mo-ped crash Man seeks answers in mo-ped crash

Brian Moore is trapped. His injuries and complications from surgery have kept him from walking or standing. While his medical bills mount, the mystery persists.

"I am kind of upset that I am in and out of the hospital, taking time off work, and whoever did this is living their day-to-day life like nothing ever happened," he said.

The Moores know Brian is lucky to be alive. The driver of a scooter died Wednesday in Durham when a car turned into his path. There have been similar deadly collisions this year in Raleigh and in Fayetteville.

Brian Moore hopes someone will come forward to help authorities find the car that hit him. Witnesses described a light-colored, newer-model sedan.

Police said the vehicle involved likely had front-end damage.


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  • UPTOP Aug 23, 2013

    He's lucky to be alive ! Hopefully this person has a heart and turns themselves in !!

  • CharmedLife Aug 23, 2013

    That's why these mopeds are also supposed to stay in the slow lane. I see them alot in Goldsboro and they do indeed stay in that right hand slow lane. If someone is in that big of a hurry to get somewhere, then maybe they should consider leaving a little earlier than usual. They are on the road and drivers know this. Stop acting like you own the road and share people. Do we have to go back to pre-k and learn all about sharing again?? Really?!! Someone hit him, nearly killed him, his life is on hold, all the while whomever is responsible for this goes about their merry little way. I hope the guilt eats at them long enough for them to finally step forward and take the consequence for their action. The gall of some people!!! What comes around, goes around!

  • spunkyisbackagain Aug 23, 2013

    pm2, I agree with you! People in cars are (or can be) ticketed for going below the speed limit, so why are mopeds (which cannot go 55 mph) allowed on the highway?

  • Just the facts mam Aug 23, 2013

    Driving at moped at 10:30 at night? On Western Boulevard? But I do hope the person who caused this accident feels much guilt the rest of their life as they read this article, as they are not enough of a person to take responsibility for their part of the blame for this accident, even though riding a moped in this manner may not be a very smart thing to do.

  • pm2 Aug 23, 2013

    I am sooo sorry for this guy and his situation. In order to reduce of this happening to someone else, I think any motorized vehicle should have to be licensed and meet the safety standards of other vehicles AND must be capable of going the speed limit on any road traveled. If they can only go 35mph, they should not travel on a 55 mph road. I am a fairly attentive driver and I and have almost hit several mopeds at night. They are VERY hard to see. I can imagine some youngster with the wheel in their left hand a phone in their right how tuff it would be....

  • spunkyisbackagain Aug 23, 2013

    colinmb123us, you are obviously taking things all out of context.

    I personally never said it was an excuse for hitting someone. But FYI, there is a BIG difference in the lights a moped has and the lights on a motorcycle! Maybe the DOT needs to step up the requirements for lighting on a moped, because the lighting that I've seen on most mopeds is comparable to a flashlight on the handle bars of a bike.

  • spunkyisbackagain Aug 23, 2013

    bdu4dals2 I agree that there should stiffer penalties for hit and run cases. Not sure exactly what the penalty should be, but anyone that causes an accident or hits someone and keeps going obviously cannot be trusted on the road. Driving *privileges* require responsibility for actions and hit and run drivers show none.

    That being said...drunk drivers get caught and have their driving privileges revoked, but drive anyway. My cousin was killed several years ago by a repeat offender (I can't even list the number of times he'd been caught for DUI) and he was driving without a license. She was walking home and was less than a mile from home when he drove up on the sidewalk and hit and killed Nikki Whitley and her friend.

    Taking away a license isn't enough; jail time is needed in my opinion. :(

  • colinmb123us Aug 23, 2013

    Mopeds are required to have DOT approved lighting (the same as motorcycles) so what I'm guessing is that most of you would blame lighting or some other excuse if he had been on a motorcyle also and that would still make it this mans fault, right? As long as you're able to come up with an excuse for why someone didn't stop after they crashed into another human being, it's ok. Maybe if car drivers weren't so self absorbed and had this feeling that they were they only ones entitled to use roadways, roads might actually be much safer. But until the overwhelming majority of drivers get rid of their "I'm a driver, I own the road, get out of my way" attitude, roads are going to be dangerous for anyone who chooses not use a car. This includes motorcycles, farm equipment, bicycles, pedestrians or anything else that may actually try to use something that is provide for everyone to use.

  • samdutes Aug 23, 2013

    b.) many wear DARK clothing, making them very difficult to see. :( --spunkyisbackagain

    It's unbelievable how many of these moped/scooter/bicycle riders and runners also wear dark clothing at dusk or night. I've even seen runners running with traffic dressed in all dark clothing before dawn and after dark.

  • InTheNo Aug 23, 2013

    Anyone who would try to keep this secret doesn't have the guts to keep a secret. It will come out... he'll talk to someone.