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Raleigh man missing from retirement home located safe

Posted January 17, 2012
Updated January 18, 2012

— Raleigh police say a 95-year-old man who went missing from a retirement community was found safe early Wednesday morning. 

Wilton Rankin was reported missing Tuesday afternoon. He had last been seen at the Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community, at 1500 Sawmill Road, around 5:30 p.m. Authorities said he was possibly headed to the Kroger grocery store at 6300 Creedmoor Road in Raleigh. 

A Silver Alert was issued for Rankin just after 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Police said Rankin was located around 2:30 a.m. driving near Creedmoor Road and Interstate 540. He was taken back to Springmoor Life Care. 


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  • MyThoughtsExactly Jan 18, 2012

    @pickles. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Where I live the residents in our local retirement facilities do not have such privileges as being able to freely drive or even go outside without supervision. I even have an older brother in a facility and I can't even go to the facility and bring him to my house for a visit. VERY STRICT. I guess these residents are not considered to be any danger to themselves or others so they are able to keep their freedom. But a 95 year old gentleman, in my opinion, shouldn't be allowed to drive because their motor, judgment, and vision can dangerously impair their safety on the highway. But most importantly, the precious gentleman was found safe. Thank God.

  • pickles Jan 18, 2012

    @MyThoughtsExactly: Springmoor has several different types of living facilities. They have the hospital portion, but they also have villas and apartments. The residents in the villas and apartments typically have cars and leave the Springmoor grounds when they want.

  • girlygirl2 Jan 18, 2012

    I'm so glad he was found and is safe.

  • wofninraleigh Jan 18, 2012

    May be helpful before you start casting stones to do a little research on Springmoor. It is a FULL service facility and residents are allowed to have cars. If the state will give them a license, they have the right to use it. Its great that their checks and balances worked and this man was recognized as missing and brought home safely.

  • MyThoughtsExactly Jan 18, 2012

    What in the world is a 95 year old gentleman in a rest home doing with a car while a resident at the home? That is a set up for a tragedy. Most rest homes have either a nurse's station or a security section near the entrance of the main entrance door so there is no way patients could exit the building. And the other doors in the building are locked. They need to investigate this home so those residents can be safe.

  • Reader X Jan 18, 2012

    Maybe he was tired of eating bland food and wanted to go out a get a decent meal.

  • JAT Jan 18, 2012

    I look at the photo and don't see confusion at all. He certainly doesn't look 95! Maybe the old fella really had somewhere he needed to go, though I do believe that anyone over 85 shouldn't be allowed to drive even they are 100% mentally there. They just don't have the reflexes needed and can become very easily disoriented.

  • JAT Jan 18, 2012

    No one saw him missing till 1am? Wonder what he told the cops he was doing out at 2:30am.

  • acc_rules Jan 18, 2012

    I've seen nothing to indicate that he was driving unsafely. If getting lost was reason for forfeiting your license then we'd all be walking to work.

  • BB-2cents Jan 18, 2012

    OMG! He must have still had his license and had a car. I don't understand this! He could have killed himself and/or others! What is his family/guardians thinking to allow him to drive in this condition??