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Raleigh man faces indecent liberties charge

Posted June 4, 2013

— A Raleigh man has been arrested on a charge of taking indecent liberties with a child.

Jorge Barrientos-Noguera, 28, of 709 Navaho Drive, No. 201, was arrested Monday in connection with an allegation that he "unlawfully, willfully and feloniously did commit and attempt to commit a lewd and lascivious act" against a 9-year-old.

He was jailed under a $30,000 bond.


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  • whatelseisnew Jun 5, 2013

    Is he a Raleigh man or is he a man who is a citizen of another country. If that is the case will he face additional charges or will the Feds want him released due to sequester cuts.

  • Brian Jenkins Jun 5, 2013

    4. Liberals think the men and women in uniform do NOT want to serve and possibly die. They have a tremendous disdain for the military.

    Im an Air Force vet. There are plenty of "liberals" in the military. You think they hate themselves?

  • That Explains It Jun 5, 2013

    Talk about bringing these people out of the shadows.

  • lrakydarb2 Jun 5, 2013


    1. I should have left off "Democrat".
    2. NO conservative would EVER suggest that murders and child molesters be allowed to serve in the military,
    3. Child molesters, if convicted, should NEVER, EVER be let out of prison alive.
    4. Liberals think the men and women in uniform do NOT want to serve and possibly die. They have a tremendous disdain for the military. Look up Bill and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry quotes on their dislike of the military.
    5. Her comment is a breeding ground for political commentary.

  • babscash Jun 5, 2013

    lrakydarb2: That's not what I got out of lisa4's statement. You twisted it all up so you could demean her. She was saying to bring our brave young people home so they stop dying and let the criminals (child molesters) go fight the wars and if they die, who cares. I tend to agree, who cares if they die, but I don't want molesters doing to children elsewhere what they do to them here. And what is your definition of a Liberal Democrat? People call themselves Democrats and Republicans all day long, but you can't even get them to agree on everything the same. Leave Politics out of a simple comment one made that you didn't agree with. Everyone has an opinion.

  • lrakydarb2 Jun 5, 2013

    lisa4: I would be willing to bet you are liberal Democrat. Your disdain for our brave men and women in uniform is disgusting. The men and women who serve and protect us need to be placed on a pedestal, not thrown down into the sewer like a rat. Our military is 100% voluntary; thus, all in the military have made a conscious choice to fight and (if it occurs) die to protect YOUR and my freedom and liberty.

  • mfarmer1 Jun 5, 2013

    apparently he touched her at a Wal-Mart (per other sources), not sure how that can happen without the parents knowing. They only have a billion cameras at Wal-Mart not sure why someone would do anything at a Wal-Mart (including shoplifting)

  • lisa4 Jun 5, 2013

    I say send the murders and child molesters to fight the war and let our service men & women come home!!!! It would surely be a $$$$ savings for our prison system!!!!

  • canucmypointofview Jun 5, 2013

    Asking myself the same thing heard-it-all-before!

  • heard-it-all-before Jun 4, 2013

    how is this creep's bond only $30k and the 21yr old inthe other article got a $750,000?