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Raleigh man charged with trafficking cocaine

Posted May 24, 2009

— A Raleigh man is facing drug charges after deputies pulled his vehicle over early Sunday morning for a routine traffic stop.

Ignacio Torcida Flores, 32, of 7001 Poole Road, Raleigh, was arrested at the checkpoint and charged with trafficking more than 400 grams of cocaine, according to the arrest warrants.

Flores was being held Sunday evening at the Wake County Jail under a $1 million bond.


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  • Shaw Bears 95 May 26, 2009

    must had a rough life b/c he looks more than 32yrs old

  • Supie May 25, 2009

    the "joy juice" isn't doing Ignacio any favors. 32yo? he looks 50.

  • welfare blows May 25, 2009

    Get it right people, this was a Wake County Sheriff's Office bust--NOT Raleigh PD....Another bust from the Impact Team ......Go Sheriff Harrison!!! WCSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rabidpro May 25, 2009

    Shame on Raleigh PD for profiling!!! When will this injustice end?!?!?!? Note tongue firmly planted in cheek.....

  • dare107 May 25, 2009

    Now, Now, Now, You know this fine gentleman is here on a work visa, and that he is a productive and only is helping the with the depression. This low life drug dealing illegal needs to have happen to him what happens in foreign countries to America sentence to death!!!!!

  • ecu_rules May 25, 2009

    So was it a traffic stop or checkpoint? It was a very confusing written article.

  • Jack Flash May 25, 2009

    Tsk, tsk. I'm so glad I live in Durham.

  • djcgriffin May 25, 2009

    CrAsH628--I agree with you totally. They target the people that they know they can catch and of course if the last name matches the profile, WRAL will publish it asap. I know there are plenty of people that dont fit into this stereotype that are trafficking WAY more than that 400 grams, they just are smart enough to pay people like Flores to transport it...

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM May 25, 2009

    call me racist or prejudiced but it's getting awfully hard not to have stereotypes when reading the news anymore. almost like only certain stories get posted to convince you to feel a certain way.

  • gingerlynn May 25, 2009

    My sentiments exactly except mine are getting censored crewmax and senor.