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Raleigh man charged with sex crimes against child

Posted July 14, 2010
Updated July 15, 2010

— A Raleigh man who has served time for manslaughter and selling drugs has been accused of sex crimes against a 3-year-old girl.

Authorities charged Eugenia Mondena Davis, 36, with first-degree sex offense with a child and taking indecent liberties with a child. He was given a $500,000 bond and scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

According to an arrest warrant, the alleged offenses happened between late last year and March of this year.

State Department of Correction records show that Davis was released from prison in November 2009 after serving a five-month sentence. He had been convicted of assault on a female and violating his probation for earlier convictions for selling drugs and assault on a female.

Davis was returned to prison in April after being convicted on two counts of larceny and one count of communicating threats. His sentence is scheduled to end in September 2011.

DOC records show that Davis was convicted of manslaughter in connection with a June 9, 1991, death in Johnston County. He served five years in prison.

He also has a 1991 conviction for assault inflicting serious injury and 2001 convictions on four counts each of selling drugs and possession with intent to sell drugs.


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  • superk Jul 15, 2010

    I think calling this person a "man" is wrong. He might be a "male", but a "man" would not commit these crimes!

  • tobywilliamson58 Jul 15, 2010

    Seems like it is time to carry out punishment in front of the court house again instead of giving these people so many chances to straighten up!

  • kiminnc2003 Jul 15, 2010

    Waste of space and air!

  • twc Jul 15, 2010

    Hopefully, he's not just being set up! Domestic revenge maybe.

    I recall about 30 years ago a lady put her 7-year-old daughter in a stove oven and blamed the father. The 7-year-old survived and told who it really was. That was in Raleigh.

  • EricaSliver Jul 15, 2010

    Oh my! Poor little girl! I hope she is ok :-(

  • charlesboyer Jul 15, 2010

    I believe that the police have physical evidence to back their charges, and that there is a high likelihood that the man is guilty.

    I also think that instead of folks being GOLO jurors, they should let the facts come out at trial and let the courts decide this man's innocence or guilt. If it is guilty, please put him in jail and throw away the key!

  • question_why Jul 15, 2010

    I just can not understand this. I know rape itself is suppose to be based upon anger not sex but how can anyone sexually abuse a 3 year old. This case doesn't state rape but I just can not understand how a person can do anything sexual with a 3yo. If this man is guilty, there must be something mentally wrong with him.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Jul 15, 2010

    Who left their 3 year old with him? Why not rape and sodomy? Which carries the bigger sentence?

  • sunydaze Jul 15, 2010

    tax man, seriously, i doubt they just took the few words of a 3 year old to arrest him. police know they have to follow procedue to the dot to make anything stick, so have a little faith that the arrest wasn't made without any cause.

  • DiscoStu65 Jul 15, 2010

    "couldn't care less"