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Raleigh man charged with making fake IDs

Posted April 12, 2013

— A Raleigh man has been charged with making and selling fake identification documents, according to authorities.

Elmer Salamanca, of 3609 Cove Drive, was arrested Monday during an undercover sting by the state Division of Motor Vehicles.

An informant told agents with the DMV's License and Theft Bureau he knew someone who could provide phony IDs. After agents were able to purchase one, they discovered what they described as a document lab in Raleigh.

According to a search warrant, they seized a Dell laptop with software to produce fraudulent state and federal IDs, a data storage device with hundreds of fraudulent records, card stock, a printer and four fake IDs.

Salamanca was being held Friday in the Wake County jail under a $10,000 bond.


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  • OneLove Apr 15, 2013

    10K? that's IT?

  • lwe1967 Apr 12, 2013

    Check his status. If the evidence is there, commit him to 20 years no time off, no plea barganing, etc.k

  • Ex-Republican Apr 12, 2013

    Uhmm... I trust our polling officials will be taught how to catch fraudalent IDs when the new bill becomes law.

  • Ripcord Apr 12, 2013

    "Sure glad there are no sources for fake ID's with the new Voter ID requirement that will 'eliminate fraud' and ensure ‘integrity.’" - WooHoo

    So... because someone might try to get around a system that is designed to help with election integrity we should just get rid of that system altogether... Is that right, WooHoo? Is it really impossible to find out if someone is voting legally, WooHoo? So we should just do nothing and hope for the best?

    When the enemy sends reinforcements do you surrender?

  • rednek Apr 12, 2013

    He will be out of jail abd back on the streets hewaded to another city shortly. When is the Government going to realize that lots of the illegals are NOT here to work at jobs US citizens will not do. We have enough home grown criminals; we definitely no not need more.

  • publicassistance Apr 12, 2013

    This is a BIG business in a "sanctuary" city like Durham. Our illegal friends need no immigration reform. they have their own ways...

  • WooHoo2You Apr 12, 2013

    Sure glad there are no sources for fake ID's with the new Voter ID requirement that will 'eliminate fraud' and ensure ‘integrity.’ (a half a… err solution to a problem no one can find!) Heck, you can buy customizable “novelty ID’s” all day long online for five bucks ;)

  • my2cents-justsaying Apr 12, 2013

    A $10,000 bond eh? That's only $1500 to get out and be gone with the wind....

    Instead of attacking single parents, the poor, and the elderly over the entitlement system, the focus needs to be on people who use fake identities to qualify for the benefits...

  • Billy the Kid Apr 12, 2013

    How surprising. This is why some of you have discovered that your SS# has already been used to file taxes. Just here to work for a better life, right?