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Raleigh man charged with indecent liberties

Posted August 13, 2008

— A Raleigh man has been charged with taking indecent liberties with a child.

Police searched the home of Seward Shaddock, 60, of 4804 Kaplan Drive and seized computers, a digital camera and storage media.

According to the search warrant, a woman took naked pictures of her daughter at Shaddock's home and saved them to his computer.


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  • garden Aug 13, 2008

    So why wasn't the woman who took the pictures arrested? She's as sick as he is! Her own daughter. Ugh. Sick wacko's.

  • TheAdmiral Aug 13, 2008

    Once again - another person who's sexual preference is children.

  • baileysmom3 Aug 13, 2008

    Sometimes I dont understand all the crazies.

    I have pictures of my baby girl taking her first bath etc. does that make me a bad mom

  • rafiki Aug 13, 2008

    He made up the story of a woman taking pictures of her daughter. If it was true why didn't he report this woman to the police?

  • vote4changeASAP Aug 13, 2008

    How about "a woman photographed her naked daughter at Shaddrock's home and downloaded the pictures to his computer."

    Who writes these articles?

    I assume he purchased these pictures as well.

  • Adelinthe Aug 13, 2008

    "...a woman took naked pictures of her daughter at Shaddock's home and saved them to his computer."

    So where is SHE??? And is someone protecting her child from further crimes???

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • TStills Aug 13, 2008

    Clearly, Sewer isnt the only guilty party here. The Mother-of-the-Year candidate should be tossed in the clink with the rest of the riff-raff. I mean, whats wrong with the woman that she would willingly exploit her own child (or any child for that matter) like that?

  • diogenes Aug 13, 2008

    WRAL-TV knows what it is doing. Sex sells. The story is meant to get your attention, nothing more. Please don't question what you read. THERE ARE TOO MANY THINKERS POSTING HERE--WRAL-TV may not like it.

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Aug 13, 2008

    Ok, so why wasn't the woman arrested as well??? What's with the incomplete articles today?

  • odell Aug 13, 2008

    "took naked pictures of her daughter". How about "took pictures of her naked daughter".