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Raleigh man arrested on statutory rape charge

Posted October 29, 2009

— A 20-year-old Raleigh man is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Justin Caleb Crouse, of 4612 Limerick Drive, is charged with statutory rape involving a person more than four but less than six years younger, according to an arrest warrant.

The incident occurred on April 7, 2007.

Crouse was being held under a $500,000 bond at the Wake County Jail Thursday.

Crouse also faces a second-degree murder charge from a 2008 wreck that killed Chapel Hill High School graduate 17-year-old Lillian "Lilli" Broox Manis.


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  • juchushu Oct 30, 2009

    Zanerx: Lay off the pipe buddy. We're wired to mate at the childbearing age?!?! Honestly??!! No .. keep your mess in your pants and keep walking. I would assume that you're responsible for the same things this guy has done which is why you're sticking up for him.

  • zanerx Oct 30, 2009

    If this guy is guilty of the crime alleged, he should definitely be convicted and appropriately punished. But for those of you suggesting the harshest punishments, keep in mind that our biological systems are wired to encourage mating at the earliest ages healthy child-bearing is possible. This is a vestige of the days when such a strategy was the only way to assure survival of an adequate number of children for the individual, family, and community. In fact, as recently as 300-500 years ago, it was not uncommon for girls as young as 13 or 14 to be married. What has changed over time is our realization as a society that this is no longer necessary for propagation or appropriate for 13-17 year olds. So this crime, if truly only statutory, although deserving serious punishment, is not the same thing to me as non-consensual rape or sexual abuse of young children.

  • lorivalentine1 Oct 30, 2009

    HHMMM... if this was statuatory where is the girl in all this? Did her parents just now figure out what happened and press charges or did she get mad at him and find a way to get back at him?? Not that I am defending his actions as he was clearly in the wrong to pursue any realtionship with someone that young but there was consent and not for nothing but kids are having sex younger and younger these days.. parents need to take responsibility for their kids and their actions.

  • RonnieR Oct 30, 2009

    It is wrong what he did, but I'm confused. Was she 14, 13 or 12 and was he 19, 18 or 17 at the time of the crime? The more than 4 and less than 6 years leaves something for the reporter to try to resolve.

  • Professor Oct 30, 2009

    Here is another one. I still maintain 60 years in prison with no parole. He will be an old man when he is let out of prison. The young lady will need counseling to get through this and I sure hope in time she will be OK.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 30, 2009

    "why is that be..." LOL You know what I meant. :-)

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 30, 2009

    Don't several states (Alabama, Georgia?) allow "marriage" of children as young as 13? Why is that be any different?

  • Bulldog22 Oct 30, 2009

    So are the parents of the 14 yo gonna be charged with child neglect for allowing their 14 yr old to date an 18 yr old?

  • familyfour Oct 30, 2009

    Well, he may be young, and you may not consider him a man, but he has sexually offended, and also killed.....so I must ask.....

    Do you think he should grow up freely to become this "man" you think he is not?

    He has some awesome parenting...or abuse...or something....boy has got issues, and if he isn't locked up, it is going to continue.

    Pick one....him or us....who's rights or more important?

  • fishstory Oct 30, 2009

    Another one??? When are we going to get tired of this? And it took them 2 years to arrest him. Geez Louise!!!