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Raleigh man accused of using dog to assault woman

Posted February 7, 2010

— Neil Floyd Chivvis, 35, of 5004 Davis Creek Drive in Raleigh, is accused of using an Akita dog as a deadly weapon on Saturday.

According to an arrest warrant, Chivvis used the 110-pound dog to injure Jerri Nichole Carlson. 

Chivvis was charged with assault with a deadly weapon to inflict serious injury.

Carlson, who lived with Chivvis, was treated and released from WakeMed, authorities said.

Chivvis was being held Sunday in the Wake County jail. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance Monday morning.


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  • akidra Feb 9, 2010

    Yes, once again an animal will probably be euthanized because of a stupid owner. Something similar happened a few years back involving a pit bull and that dog was euthanized. I hate to see any dog characterized as a "weapon". It gives anti-dog people and breed specific legislation people more fodder for their agendas. I have been doing Akita rescue for over 25 years. So many of the dogs who have come through us have gone on to their forever homes and made wonderful pets. Do you hear stories about them?? No. But let some cretin do something like this and it makes the news. sigh.

  • smarterthanyou2 Feb 8, 2010

    Part of me wishes I'd be attacked by a single dog to see if I could handle it. I know a big dog can be a beast and they can snap an arm if they latch on to you...but I have a pretty swift kick that should be equally damaging if delivered to dog.

    If it got me off my feet (which would happen if it hit me at a full run) then I think I'd be in trouble. But on my feet, I think I'd stand a chance.

  • sunneyone Feb 8, 2010

    What is going to happen to the dog?

    What a waste of oxygen.

  • NCSU2004 Feb 8, 2010

    My thoughts exactly rescuefan

  • rescuefan Feb 8, 2010

    What a disgusting human being! I can't imagine the fear that woman was feeling. Not only has she been injured, I am sure the dog will be euthanized. All because some idiot decided to abuse both of them.

  • ambidextrous cat Feb 8, 2010

    Akitas can be such sweeties, I hate it when people use them as weapons.

  • Desiderata Feb 8, 2010

    But what about the dog.....