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Raleigh man accused of stealing sister's identity

Posted December 21, 2009
Updated December 22, 2009

— A Raleigh man is accused of stealing his sister's identity to take out loans and credit cards, running up thousands of dollars in debt in her name.

According to warrants for his arrest, Anthony Dominic D'Amico, 62, of 6305 Flowerfield Lane, Apt 203, used the name, birth date and Social Security number of Carol Ann D'Amico over a eight-year period beginning in June 2001.

He faces multiple charges of identity theft, obtaining property under false pretenses and financial card fraud.


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  • garnertoy Dec 22, 2009

    what a brother

  • TomLynda Dec 22, 2009


    I am with you 100% on being able to change our SSN's. Once it is out there, that's it, and the damage can continue to be done.

    Unfortuantely for the sister, she will now have to spend tons of money and years to get this off her credit record. It's not that easy, in fact it is very, very hard. I know. Been there and done that. Once someone steals your identity, it is a nightmare to clean up. That is something else that should not be.

  • MileageWarrior Dec 22, 2009

    so now that this is KNOWN, will his sister's credit be wiped clean and restored to reflect only the debt she herself has accumulated? or does she get to look forward to years of trying to get that stuff straightened out? i hear so many horror stories about identity theft and the lasting pain in the rump it can be, even after discovery of the facts.

  • tiblet Dec 22, 2009

    Merry Christmas!

  • entryrejected Dec 22, 2009

    that is why I wish we could change social security numbers like phone numbers. my sister went to prison for stealing my mothers bank card. she knows my social because there is only two number difference between hers and mine.

  • blackdog Dec 21, 2009

    Too bad he didn't steal a little intelligence while he was at it...

  • tsquaring Dec 21, 2009

    Isn't that a great thing to do to a relative?