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Raleigh man accused of stealing gas cards

Posted October 9, 2008
Updated October 10, 2008

— A Raleigh man is accused of offering drivers cheap gas with stolen fuel cards.

Police charged that Dillard Johnson broke into a Raleigh surveying company's trucks last weekend.

He stole gas cards and offered drivers at area gas stations a fill-up for $20, police say.  The company says over $23,000 worth of gas was falsely charged.

Johnson was arrested this week and faces multiple counts of breaking and entering, financial card theft, larceny and financial card fraud.

About 300 people took him up on the cheap gas offer, police say.  Officers say they are reviewing surveillance tape from the gas stations to try to determine if anyone who took the gas knew the cards were stolen.

Police say Johnson was accused of similar crimes in July.


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  • Polecat Oct 10, 2008

    why arrest him for stealing? The gas companies have been stealing from us for years.

  • donnied1952 Oct 10, 2008

    Welcome to reality folks. This is a small news item compared to what is coming down the road. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but this type of thing will get much worse before it gets better. It's the economy! and it's laziness.

  • Panther Oct 10, 2008

    he should be made to go get a real job and pay back $23,000 with interest.

  • 1Rx4FN Oct 10, 2008

    How is he not benefiting himself? He stole cards, pockets the $20 dollars and charges the fill up to the stolen card. I must have missed where aquiring property on false pretenses was not benefiting oneself.

  • Mom of a Marine Oct 10, 2008

    He was benefiting if customers were giving him $20 for use of the card.

  • newfamily2001 Oct 10, 2008

    Radio stations offer gas like this....Hey this is a modern day robin hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, and not benefiting for himself.....

  • Tracey1229 Oct 10, 2008

    and by not reliable i mean not held liable. early morning.

  • Tracey1229 Oct 10, 2008

    MikeD if you were implying that he's a redneck ("Dale Jr.") and not a black guy ("Dr. Dre"), you're wrong, but that has absolutely no relevance to the situation.

    You know, in my ideal world the company he stole from wouldn't have to foot the bill because they should not be reliable, he would give the money he made to charity, and the gas companies would just be 23K in the hole. And I would have had the opportunity to get gas at a reasonable price. We can only dream, right?

  • Slip Kid Oct 10, 2008

    This goes to our underlying cynicism ot the current generation. Being PC and promoting 'social justice' has created an attitude of entitlelment. I deserve this deal that's too good to be true, so I'll ignore the fact that it's probably wrong. The gall of some people. The takers on this deal are complicit.

  • TStills Oct 10, 2008

    Wish we had a pic. Im guessing "Dillard" is a bigger fan of Dale Jr than he is of Dr Dre, though.