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Raleigh man accused of stealing cell phones

Posted January 28, 2010

— A Raleigh man is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of cell phones from his employer.

Tony Lee McCollett, 27, of 4941-B Pebble Beach Drive, is charged with one count of embezzlement, according to his arrest warrant.

McCollett is accused of stealing cell phones worth more than $100,000 from Sprint. The offenses date back to Dec. 9, according to the warrant.

McCollett was released after posting bond Thursday. He is due in court on Friday afternoon.


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  • Iceman Jan 29, 2010

    This happens all too much in the Triangle with losses in this range. Law enforcement calculates losses at non-contract prices by the way. Wildcat, hate to disappoint you, but this guy will get 6 months. That's it. That's based on personal experience in this state. I don't care what the sentence is or the amount of loss (that used to matter until several years ago). The story does say right out that his employer is Sprint. If it is, he won't serve a day more than he already has as Sprint PCS shut down their whole fraud divsion a couple years ago.

  • wildcat Jan 29, 2010

    Well he was wrong and is now facing his consequence of action. May he received 10 years in prison.

  • OrdinaryCitizen Jan 29, 2010

    $100,000 divide by $400(each) = 250 phones?????
    Curious they don't tell you how many phones he stole.

  • Bryan D Jan 29, 2010

    Last offer- $50.00 per blackberry

  • Bryan D Jan 29, 2010

    rescuefan- aint that the truth!

  • Bryan D Jan 29, 2010

    Dude what did you do with those phones? I really need a blackberry for sprint!

  • superman Jan 29, 2010

    A cell phone is worthless without a phone plan. They still had to take the phones somewhere and sign up. Even if he signed them up for a plan, payment is due every month. How would they explain having a new phone and no plan?

  • suckafree23 Jan 29, 2010

    When are they going to catch the people he sold stolen phones to. You know every friend that guys has is walking around with a stolen phone.

  • OneLove Jan 29, 2010

    How much does it cost to bond out on $100,000? is it like $15,000 cash?

  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Jan 29, 2010

    They probably came up with the $100,000 figure based on someone not taking a 2 year contract. If they had figured it on the cost with a 2 year contract, it's more like $5,000.

    I was just thinking the exact same thought. They probably figured this guy at $500-600 per phone, whatever it would cost without a plan. Years ago I worked with a company and we had an embezzlement charge against the former manager. In the investigation the detectives didn't want the wholesale cost of goods at which we paid for them, they wanted the "street value" or what we would sell them at with our mark up. I kinda thought that was unfair as that made his charge WAY higher but it's what the police wanted. Shoot, he even went to court was found guilty of a lesser amount and given a restitution payment of mere pennies a month compared to the final # he was charged for and he eventually quit paying the dang restitution and he's MIA now. *eyeroll*