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Raleigh man accused of kidnapping, assaulting woman with knife

Posted August 6, 2010

— A Raleigh man was charged Thursday with trying to kill a woman with a kitchen knife at an apartment complex on Crest Road.

Robert Daniel Cummings, 55, of 1407 Crest Road, Apt. 89, is accused of kidnapping Mozella Ann Bass, assaulting her with a kitchen knife, confining her "with the purpose of doing serious bodily injury ... and terrorizing" her, according to the arrest warrant.

Bass was seriously injured, police said.

An officer responded to the apartment complex on Thursday after the woman's friends said they had trouble contacting her. The officer saw a blood trail from Bass' door to Cummings' door, according to the warrant. 

The officer found Cummings asleep inside his apartment. He woke up, told the officer the blood belonged to Bass and said he wasn't sure where she was, according to the warrant. The officer went into Bass' apartment and found her bleeding, according to the warrant.

Cummings is charged with first-degree kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury.


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  • colliedave Aug 6, 2010

    Getting sick of our justices letting predators slide through judicial revolving doors to prey on the innocent again.
    Spirit Warrior Woman - Rev. RB

    I agree but part of the problem is the structured sentencing system that gives the judge parameters on the sentencinng. Felons that have previous violent crimes on there record must never have the potential to be released to society. Perhaps some old battleships can be converted to floating prisons to house these felons where there is almost no chance of escape. If the did go overboard they soon would be shark bait.

  • moth Aug 6, 2010

    What kind of psycho assaults someone like this and then falls asleep afterward like nothing happened? I don't even comprehend this.

  • youpeoplearesoentertaining Aug 6, 2010

    I wonder what she did to him?


  • sweet4you Aug 6, 2010

    People are just nuts...point blank

  • chevybelair57sd Aug 6, 2010

    when we demand better state department performances and refuse to pay for what we've got so far, things might improve. Stop voting with the hopes of a handout, you never get one. Vote with your head use common sense, this level gets you fired, why not them?

  • mulecitybabe Aug 6, 2010

    Cummings has a record dating back to 1983, including convictions for assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a female. Maybe this time they'll fix it so he can't hurt any more innocent citizens - NOT!! He'll be out of jail before she's out of the hospital. We'll pay for all his expenses while the victim is left with hospital bills that she'll never get paid off. Justice, yeah right.

  • Adelinthe Aug 6, 2010


    Praying she survives. The poor thing.

    And praying they throw the book at the perp, instead of just another lousy slap on the wrists.

    Getting sick of our justices letting predators slide through judicial revolving doors to prey on the innocent again.

    Enough is enough!!!

    Bring back public hangings.

    God bless.


  • MissManda2 Aug 6, 2010

    wow. what a crazy story! i hope she survives!