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Raleigh man accused of forging prescriptions

Posted February 25, 2013
Updated February 26, 2013

— A Raleigh man was arrested Friday after police said he forged a doctor's signature to try to get prescription medication.

Joseph Gregory Stefan, 24, of 11243 Maplecroft Court, Raleigh, was arrested Friday on two counts each of attempting to obtain property by false pretense and uttering a forged endorsement, and one count of misdemeanor larceny.

According to an arrest warrant, Stefan stole a prescription pad and forged a doctor's signature to obtain oxycodone from a CVS pharmacy and clonazepam from a Kroger store.


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  • davidgnews Feb 26, 2013

    Too bad that Big Pharma doesn't try to create a safe recreational drug to help curtail the rampant abuse of other prescription drugs.

  • Terkel Feb 26, 2013

    cat, Big Pharma won't allow you to smoke a dried leaf with no additives when they can sell you a pill that can cause suicide, murder, and other human tragedy. The whole reason MJ was made illegal was to kill the fiber hemp trade. DuPont on the East Coast had just invented this fabric called "rayon", and Hearst on the West Coast was not only a newspaper publisher but owned timberlands too. Hemp textiles were a big threat.

    Hmmmm...farming and textiles. Which state used to be good at those industries????

  • grimreaper Feb 26, 2013

    The good news...there is someone you won't be competing for a job with...the bad news...he will be on the dole in some fashion (healthcare, foodstamps, unemployment, etc) and you will not be allowed by our great government to require he pass a drug test in order to qualify...additionally, now his medical and personal records are kept especially private as opposed to yours costing you even more tax money and giving him special protections to his privacy...aint big government great...

  • outhousecat Feb 26, 2013

    It continues to amaze me that the government thinks marijuana is worse than prescription drug abuse.

    I think getting the government out of substance abuse all together would be the best thing that could happen. We could then legalize the stuff that's not harming anybody and get treatment for abusers who need it, instead of focusing all our resources and money on law enforcement and punishment.

  • Obamacare rises Feb 26, 2013

    I guarantee he'll be back at it again by this time next week.

  • Terkel Feb 26, 2013

    robbyh, please explain what type of help (translation: give him taxpayer money via a jobs program for activists) does he need, and why?

  • robbyh Feb 26, 2013

    Morrigan..Then he still needs help!!

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Feb 26, 2013

    The judge should charge him with a felony for every pill he TRIED to obtain. HARSH? No, after seeing what these RX do to a family member...blue lips, not breathing, brain damage & death...I'm sick of pill seekers & dealers.

  • Terkel Feb 25, 2013

    What makes you think he needs help? Maybe he was going to sell them.

  • djofraleigh Feb 25, 2013

    Rx drugs are as bad as street drugs...