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Raleigh lawyer agrees to anger management classes

Posted May 21, 2008

— The former president of the American Bar Association chose anger management classes over criminal punishment in a parking dispute Wednesday, a source told WRAL.

Raleigh lawyer A.P. Carlton Jr. was charged with assault on a female after an altercation Jan. 11. That charge will be dropped once Carlton completes the anger management class.


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  • Pilot May 22, 2008

    Sorry Steve Crisp, don't want to seem picky, but the chainsaw must be RUNNING! :^))

  • b4self May 22, 2008

    wow,angry lawyer,I needed him about 6 yrs ago (divorce)lol

  • nanny May 22, 2008

    Wow-understand this guy-if I had to deal with our justice system and the courts-after what I have seen-I WOULD BE ANGRY ALSO!!!!!!!!!!

  • ProudConservative2 May 22, 2008

    Steve, you're right. I don't know if I'd go so far as the jaw breaking part, but the point is well made. There is a double standard. If a man defends himself against a woman attacker then he is called aggressive, but if a woman attacks a man then she is usually said to be standing up for herself.

  • Steve Crisp May 21, 2008

    I'd love to hear the whole story behind this one. I can just as easily see some psychotic woman raging on to the point where the attorney felt that physical intervention was needed to protect him as I can him going nuts to start with. Unfortunately, in our politically correct society, it is not generally lawful for a man to defend himself against women unless she is coming at him with a chainsaw.

    Personally, if a woman threatens me with physical harm, I'm gonna break her jaw just as I would as if a man had done the same thing.

  • fredssmithisnotmysenator May 21, 2008

    Hmmm, an angry lawyer...go figure!