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Raleigh Housing Authority ends comp time for director

Posted January 28, 2014

Steve Beam, Raleigh Housing Authority director

— The Raleigh Housing Authority has approved a new contract for executive director Steve Beam that eliminates compensatory time off for long work days.

Beam has come under fire recently for the amount of time he is out of the office. The News & Observer newspaper reported that he had been taking nearly 11 weeks off a year with pay, some of which gave him time to pursue his side business as a magician.

The agency's board held a closed-door meeting two weeks ago to discuss Beam's situation. He said at the time that he took 20 comp days last year, but he said they were in exchange for working weekends.

The new contract – the first since Beam was hired in 1997 – doesn't include a raise, but it does allow Beam to take days off for "administrative time" when he travels for business on weekends. Such leave must be approved by the board.

The housing authority manages 2,000 public housing units in Raleigh and is primarily funded by the federal government.


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  • sallyquality Jan 29, 2014

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    I've been exempt for 2 major companies and comp time was not in the policy. With more pay comes more responsibility and it may come in the form of working more than 40 a week.

  • sallyquality Jan 29, 2014

    Sounds like the state needs to re evaluate his position. No one seemed to miss him while he took all of his "comp time". I personally think he should be fired. Find someone who appreciates a job.

  • btneast Jan 29, 2014

    He's management; management doesn't earn comp time. Says who? They don't get overtime, so comp time is allowed in many companies.

  • umop apisdn Jan 28, 2014

    He's a good magician, he made 55 work days disappear and kept his job. Now that's talent.

  • disgusted2010 Jan 28, 2014

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    Show us that money was wasted. Clearly this man or his agency refused to give an overbearing so called new agency unfettered access to their records so they could twist what they found to fit their story, so they made it their mission to destroy him. I have seen it too many times.

  • Flynn Jan 28, 2014

    Long overdue, he should be required to pay back his excess comp time. Who gets comp time working until 5 o'clock. He has manipulated the system for years,

  • Suasponte Jan 28, 2014

    He's a magician alright. Working some magic with the peoples money. What does the board care. It's not their money and they're not accountable to the share holders, IE us. A portion of that quarter million dollars sure would go a long way in helping the people he's supposed to be helping.

  • aharris2 Jan 28, 2014

    Lovemypirates-not sure what you mean. Where I work management works for a salary, thus when they work weekends or 15 hour days, they do get comp time. When the hourly employees work hours outside of their "normal" hours, they get paid overtime.
    Why shouldn't Executives be eligible for comp time? Our execs don't ever take all their "comp" time - but it is there because they have earned it.

  • 42_wral_mods_suck_i'm_gone Jan 28, 2014

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    So if a liberal newspaper runs a story about an agency wasting taxpayer's money you don't want to hear it? Wow. I did not know Conservatives were so partisan.

  • a-moment-of-truth Jan 28, 2014

    I wonder if N&O employees get comp time.
    I am a former refugee of the N & O. And unless they have started in the four years since I have been LAID OFF from there---no they do not. I DID get a furlough though when times were rough.