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Raleigh Green Gables: Garages are for cars

Posted February 24, 2016

Courtesy: Raleigh Green Gables

In my older, Raleigh neighborhood, most of us don’t have garages.

I drive through newer neighborhoods, and I am envious of the two-car garages. Your cars already start so warm in the winter. And you never have to scrape ice from your cars or run through the rain, holding babies and groceries.

I imagine, the garages look this. So pretty and clean. Just a space for your car that you never have to wash.

Empty garage

I’ve noticed, however, that a lot of the garages have cars in front of them and not inside of them.

When the garage doors are left open, I can see why the cars never go in -- because there is no room. They look like this:

Where's the car?

The garages are stuffed -- with junk people don’t want in their homes, too many bikes, unused lawn equipment, the moving boxes you never got rid of because you might need them “one day” and way too many coolers. How many coolers does one person really need?

I invite you now to imagine how beautiful your garage would be if it only held your cars. Imagine how happy you would be pulling in from a long day at work to a pristine garage with nothing on the floor and just plain, white walls. I can see it! It’s like a spa! With angels singing!

Pristine garage

It’s impossible, you say.

Well, there are those of us who don’t have garages. We are proof you don’t need all that stuff. One hammer, one rake and one shovel will do. Unless you are a woodworker, you don’t need an entire wood shop. And, for goodness sake, save your spouse a heart attack and get rid of the chain saws. Leave that to the professionals and keep your limbs.

Oh, and all that stuff you are planning to get to one day, but you have three young kids, five dogs and two full-time jobs? It’s time to get realistic.

Even, as sad as you will be giving up the never-used, beer-making lab you got for Christmas, I promise that you will be happier pulling your car into your clean, spa-like garage.

It’s time to clean out those garages and use them for your cars. After all, you paid for that garage.

Plus, after you’ve given away all the junk in there and park your car inside, you can give away your ice scraper, too.

Leah is the mom of two, professional organizer and owner of Raleigh Green Gables. Find her @RaleighGreenGables on Instagram.


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