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Raleigh, Garner Work Together to Catch Suspected Bank Robber

Posted March 5, 2008

— Lemar Dasher, 27, was charged Tuesday by Garner police for the robbery of the RBC Centura Bank Feb. 11.

According to investigators, the suspect passed a note to the teller demanding money. He did not use a weapon. Police identified Dasher by fingerprints left at the scene.

Raleigh police took him into custody from an apartment on Carnage Road in Raleigh.

Dasher faces one count of common law robbery for the RBC crime. Outstanding warrants, including one for armed robbery, were also served on him at the time of his arrest.

He was being held in the Wake County jail under $155,000 secured bond.


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  • madarchen Mar 5, 2008

    "jbirdnc, how can you tell by a head shot whether a person is or isn't a productive member of society?"

    Well, I'm not Jbirdnc, but I'd say having a prior for drug abuse (http://webapps6.doc.state.nc.us/apps/offender/offend1?DOCNUM=0696776&SENTENCEINFO=yes&SHOWPHOTO=no&numtimesin=1)and outstanding warrants for ARMED ROBBERY and other charges kinda means he's not gonna be the next humanitarian of the year award winner.
    ....Oh wait...he is doing something productive, keeping the judicial/prison system busy.

  • jbirdnc Mar 5, 2008


    Well, let's see... How can I tell this person isn't a productive member of society? Well, I base that simply on 1. He's out robbing banks. 2. If this "mugshot" wasn't from his most recent police booking, it's from a previous crime. 3. That ISN'T a highschool annual photo.

    If example #1 isn't enough to warrant his lack of positive productivity to our society, then so be it. Maybe we can blame the media for the inappropriate photo used to describe a local bank robbing felon. Perhaps this individual was misunderstood? Maybe he's a good guy, who happened to make a brief error in judgement while temporarily terrorizing the poor bank employee to give him money that doesn't belong to him?

  • oyid Mar 5, 2008

    That's funny! Ha ha ha...he left fingerprints at the bank. Oh man...I bet he placed his hand on the counter while making the 'withdrawal'. Hey, i'm sure the LEs got a kick out of that one. At least it was a peaceful robbery.

  • fanta4 Mar 5, 2008

    jbirdnc, how can you tell by a head shot whether a person is or isn't a productive member of society?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Mar 5, 2008

    He thought he was getting away but wait - he touched something. A finger-print was left behind. Another dummy story. He will have time on his hands in prison.lol

  • jbirdnc Mar 5, 2008

    Judging by his "glamour/mug shot" he looks like a very productive member of our society, whom is "regretful" for his actions.

    I visit this bank daily. Scary info, as it's been robbed several times over the past couple years as I recall. Glad to know this idiot is off the streets, if only temporarily.