Raleigh florist delaying Valentine's deliveries to keep drivers safe

Posted February 13, 2014

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— This week's snowstorm couldn't have come at a worse time for Triangle florists, who have been trying to prepare for Valentine’s Day.

“Most florists do 34 percent of their business (on Valentine’s). It's like the toy business for Christmas,” said Ed Carp, owner of Watkins Flowers of Distinction on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh.

Getting those flowers delivered is a tough order under the best of conditions, but with the snow and ice, Carp decided to take his drivers off the road. They won't be delivering on Friday.

“For the safety of the drivers, we're deferring our deliveries until Saturday and Monday, so we've got to call all our customers back and get permission to deliver Saturday or Monday,” he said.

“We've got really nice, fresh flowers. They've been coming in all week. So, the flowers aren't going to be affected,” Carp added. “We just need our customers to cooperate and understand that, due to the inclement weather, this is what we have to do.”


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  • Beth Pearce Feb 13, 2014
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    I think this is a good move! It shows that Watkins Flowers puts employee safety above the bottom dollar! GOOD FOR THEM!

  • dalgal416 Feb 13, 2014

    Glad there is a company out there that values it's employees more than their profits. Kudos to them!

  • Todd Jenkins Feb 13, 2014
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    Personally I'd cancel the order. Would they deliver a wedding cake a day late., will they show up to plow the roads a day late…must have day care workers employed because they also close at the drop of a snow flake.

  • dwntwnboy2 Feb 14, 2014

    Good to see at least one florist looking after the safety of their drivers not to mention their vans and their product.

  • carolinaprincess62 Feb 14, 2014

    This is the kind of company that I would do business with. It is a retail business, it's not essential or life saving. Unlike emergency workers/police/firemen/nurses/doctors that have to be out on the road risking their lives when the roads are not safe. Way to go!

  • Bill of Rights Feb 14, 2014

    Anyone that cancels an order with a business this thoughtful and respectful of its employees safety deserves to spend Valentine's Day alone.

  • Forthe Newssite Feb 14, 2014
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    figured there'd be a few with disparaging remarks....I say kudos to then for doing the right thing. Glad money doesn't drive EVERYONE

  • Todd Jenkins Feb 14, 2014
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    Love all the day care workers sitting at home posting..

  • Jack Jones Feb 14, 2014
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    My sweetheart is well aware that the flowers are coming later. We're smart that way.

  • Forthe Newssite Feb 14, 2014
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    shoe a little tight for you this morning?