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Raleigh Fire Truck Involved in Accident

Posted June 22, 2007

— A Raleigh fire truck was headed to a vehicle accident Thursday when it crashed with another vehicle, officials said.

The accident happened on Poole Road at about 6:15 p.m. A passenger in the vehicle was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries, police said.

The fire truck, Engine 12, sustained some damage. Raleigh police couldn’t comment any further, pending an investigation.


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  • DJ of Clayton Jun 22, 2007

    Hey folks- speaking as a paramedic here in Raleigh. There are comments about getting out of the way of emergency vehicles, so here is the law. The law says pull to the right and stop upon the approach of an emergency vehicle. Please, don't stop in the middle of the road, pull to the left, weave, or try to race us to the next intersection (yes, there are people who do that). The reason is that we are going to keep left. Also, there may be another emergency vehicle behind us (second ambulance, fire truck, EMS district chief, police car, etc).

    Remember- Pull to the right and STOP.

  • obxgirl521 Jun 22, 2007

    I really don't think anyone should be blaming the fire truck's driver. We've all seen these massive trucks go through intersections a million times. They do the best they can to slowly and safely get through the intersection while maintaing a speed that can get them to the incident in a fast and timely manner.

  • watchdog Jun 22, 2007

    "In Calif, the Police/Fireman have a device that turns all lights red, so that these type of accidents don't happen."

    logical_1.. This is called an Opticom made by 3M. A special strobe light on the truck will trip a sensor attached to the traffic lights to change them. You can set it up to change ALL lights at the intersection to red, OR you can set it up to change all lights red with the exception of YOUR direction of travel. Meaning only ONE side of the intersection, the side you are approaching from, will have all green lights (including turn signals). This allows you to safely clear out the traffic in front of you without having to go into opposing traffic at an intersection... remember, people will still turn right on red.. DIRECTLY into you path of travel!

    This is a great device, but cost a pretty penny ($$$$$$$). There are a few of them in use around Wake County already.

  • egwralcom Jun 22, 2007

    Here is how my driving instructor explained it many years ago:
    They do not automatically get "right of way". All other vehicles are required to yield right of way to them. A car driving through the intersection on a green light has right of way but is required to yield it to the emergency vehicle that has its lights on. Failure to do so will result in a citation for "failure to yield right of way" if caught. The emergency vehicle is allowed to proceed through a red light but must still slow down enough to be able to check that all other vehicles are yielding. Maybe the fire truck could have avoided the accident by slowing more, but it is still the other vehicle that is at fault for failing to yield.

  • gopanthers Jun 22, 2007

    Soundman - Very good point. I know that about Red Lights as well just didn't point that out in my Post. I do know they can even drive on the wrong side of the road if needed and is safe to do so. Or the shoulder of the road and down the center of it. What ever they need to do during an emergency. But Red Lights (intersections) yes they do need to slow down and proceed with caution. Johnny Da Lounge - Your right on the money to "JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY".

  • Sound Man Jun 22, 2007

    Emergency vehicles in a sense do have the right of way once they are sure that they can proceed through a red light without causing harm to others. However they cannot just blast through a red light without slowing down and first checking to ensure that it is safe to proceed. Ask any law enforcement officer or emergency responder and they will tell you this. Anyway I agree with Johnny Da Lounge. No matter who has the right of way, get out of their way because I am sure where they are going is more important than where I am going.

  • Johnny Da Lounge Jun 22, 2007

    So, even if they don't have the right of way, How about getting out of the way, anyway. Makes sense. Emergency!

  • gopanthers Jun 22, 2007

    TTCHAOS - I belive your right. All Police/Emergency Personel have the right away. They don't tell you to pull over move to the side for nothing.

  • ttlchaos Jun 22, 2007

    "Emergency vehicles do not have the right of way. Whenever they appraoch a controlled intersection they can only violate the law (run a redlight)when it is clear to do so."

    Are you sure about this?
    I thought there were laws giving Law/Emergency personel the right-of-way.

  • packandcanesfan Jun 22, 2007

    I am sure it was another case of the person not getting out of the way. I see ambulances and fire trucks on a daily basis with their sirens screaming and people will not get out of the way. They are too busy talking on the phone, eating or drinking, or just don't care to get out of the way. They don't think about someone dying or a home burning..I guess they don't care either. I hope my life or a loved ones life never depends on the traffic getting out of the way of emergency personnel.