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Raleigh eyes limits on front-yard parking

Posted February 3, 2009

— The City Council on Tuesday asked City Attorney Tom McCormick to draft an ordinance designed to limit where people park in front of their homes.

The ordinance would require vehicles to be parked on driveways and either 300 square feet of additional paved area or 40 percent of the front yard, whichever is less. Homeowners also would have to plant shrubs or build a berm to block adjoining properties from vehicles not parked parallel to the property line, under the proposal.

A public hearing on the proposed regulations is expected to be scheduled in April.


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  • doubletap357 Feb 5, 2009

    I got in the last word..hey I win!

  • doubletap357 Feb 4, 2009

    TIDBIT - Yes aren't I just Irritating as hello, Well look at the bright side I'm not your neighbor. That in itself gives you a great reason to go out and celebrate tonight. I'm not worried about selling my house because the county says it's worth 267,000.00 so I figure I'll just call them and say I'll take you up on your offer! Chill, I understand the point your trying to make, I'm not that dense although bullets have been known to bounce off.

  • Tidbit Feb 4, 2009

    clearly doubletap357 can't read either.... especially the part that says: "let them park where they want. But let me sue them when I sell my house for the difference in value I lost."

  • oldfirehorse Feb 4, 2009

    don't worry, the free market will prevail. Pretty soon they'll all have to sell the cars to pay the mortgage. They won't need the cars because they have no job, and won't need to go shopping because they can't buy anything once they get there. But, I can see how devaluing your neighbor's property is a pressing matter. If they want to sell it would be very bad to have the property devalued like that, oh, but wait it's already devalued by the imploding economy.

  • wapitiscat Feb 4, 2009

    With property rights come property responsibilities. Home ownership has to be more than just paying your taxes and your mortgage. With it comes a responsibility to maintain your dwelling and property to some minimum standard that boosts rather than diminishes the overall character of the community. I think the Council is trying to define that standard through the parking ordinance as well as past efforts to limit the number of unrelated individuals in a single family house.

  • doubletap357 Feb 4, 2009

    TIDBIT -then that's between you and your neighbor to work out. When the Government gets involved then they make all encompassing rules and regs that affect everyone and generally don't take into consideration individual circumstances.

  • Tidbit Feb 4, 2009

    doubletap357 -you really have got ZERO clue do you.

    If your yard LOOKS like a trash heap with 6 cars parked all in the grass... YOU ARE DEVALUING MY PROPERTY. I lose money on my home when I try to sell it becuase no one wants to live next to some trashy nasty person/ people. Most especially a single family 3 bedroom dwelilng with 4 families living it it and 7 cars parked every which way from Sunday!

    I say let them park anywhere they want. But let me sue them when I sell my house for the difference in value I lost.

    EVERYONE HAS RIGHTS, but you Lose your rights when what you are doing infringes on mine.

  • housemanagercary Feb 4, 2009

    This is trampling property owner's rights! and yes I'm a conservative so go ahead and throw stones!

  • doubletap357 Feb 4, 2009

    I got an Idea, if you don't like the way your neighbors yard looks, don't look at it! he didn't buy it for your visual pleasure. You shouldn't be looking into someone Else's property anyway. If it's that big a deal with you then go talk to him about it but don't let the damned government get involved. they have too much control already. The guy might have a house with a one car garage because that's all he can afford maybe everyone in the family is working and needs separate transportation.

  • NC Reader Feb 4, 2009

    Justin T -- I realize that you were attempting humor, but if you had read my post in my entirety, you would realize that generally I DON'T think there should be ordinances governing what people do on their own property -- which means that you and I would be in agreement. There are, however, a few exceptions. I was referring to hog farms that stink people's property up so much that it's unusable or factories that send smoke onto people's property. Mind you, I still believe that if the factory or hog farm were there first, in its present noxious state of operation, newcomers would have no business complaining. It's called "coming to the nuisance".