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Raleigh delays water projects

Posted January 6, 2009

— The City Council voted Tuesday to delay two water projects that were much discussed during the 2007 drought.

The design phase of an expansion at the Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant has been put on hold after four members of the council expressed concern about spending $3.4 million on the design during a recession that is already straining government budgets. The council members also said the expansion might not be necessary based on projections that show Raleigh won't grow as fast as previously thought.

The economy also prompted the council to delay plans to create a system for recycling treated wastewater for use in outdoor irrigation and cooling.

Councilmen Russ Stephenson and Thomas Crowder also said they were concerned about the impact of the city imposing a 15 percent rate increase on water users. The city needs to pay off the bonds on water-related infrastructure, and lower consumption levels in recent months have left the municipal water system short of its projected revenue for the year, officials said.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jan 6, 2009

    Another reason to raise taxes in Meekerville.

  • RaleighRocks Jan 6, 2009

    I will pay more now for a better future. Not everyone feels that way. What do you do when the nuts out-vote you? All you can do is make your voice heard, and try to make it count.

  • independent-opinion Jan 6, 2009

    From today's story on this site's front Page "The Council of State on Tuesday signed off on new debt for state construction projects in an effort to stimulate North Carolina's economy."
    Listed is a bunch of buildings instead of infrastructure projects- I guess having your name on a library is more glamorous than on a dam and water treatment facility.

  • veyor Jan 6, 2009

    I bet these folks run out of toilet paper all the time. They have no planning ability for what is important whatsoever. But we can build civic centers/Fayetteville Street-Fayetteville Street Mall - Fayetteville Street/ and greenways galore. The only bigger nuts are the nuts that keep putting these nuts in office.

  • kpic24 Jan 6, 2009

    But we can pay 240 million "will be 300 million" for a new police station. Vote them all out!

  • wrx44 Jan 6, 2009

    Right...let's not get ahead of the problem...let's wait till its a crisis again...and then we are stuck.

  • bill52674 Jan 6, 2009

    This makes perfect sense. Don't build it until we really really need it. Let's be just like Atlanta. You would think the last drought would still be fresh in their memories.