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Raleigh Dedicates New Bus Fleet

Posted April 2, 2008

— With higher gas prices pushing more people to ride public transportation, the City of Raleigh has made taking the bus even better.

Fifteen new buses were dedicated Wednesday. Each features video surveillance, lower floors to allow for easier entry, and an automated voice that announces the next stop.


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  • lornadoone Apr 3, 2008

    "HHHMMMM.. Does anyone ride all these buses. I never see anyone hardly on them."

    I'd most certainly ride it if the route came by my residence. Part of the problem is the majority of the routes are within city limits. I live right outside the limits, and I have to drive to the nearest stop. If they could develop a comprehensive bus system for the entire county, they'd be on to something...

  • whatelseisnew Apr 2, 2008

    So long as it is the bus riders that supply the money to buy the buses, sure go ahead have as many buses as you want.

  • jahausa Apr 2, 2008

    Why don't people around here understand this? Ask yourself a question: what comes first, bus riders or an efficient, timely bus service? If you think it's the riders, I would like to understand how. We need to make our public transportation adequate - which it is not - before riders will start to use it. Now's the best time ever with gas prices so hard. A little investment now could yield great results.

  • OncomingStorm Apr 2, 2008

    Ah BigCheese, you make a good point. However, as a bus rider I have to tell you that people ride many buses only at peak times. so you may be missing them while you're at work. Perhaps they have to ride a 6:45 am bus just to arrive on time at 8:30 like I do.

    Raleigh's bus system needs an overhaul to make it more timely. I always point to Durham's bus system which has all the buses meeting at the depot at the same time. If our system was redone with satellite stations or waypoints, we could do the same. As it is now, riding a Raleigh bus is highly inconvenient and nauseating.

    Still, you meet some interesting people on there, lol...


    HHHMMMM.. Does anyone ride all these buses. I never see anyone hardly on them. They are never on time and all of that stuff. Some people I guess have nothing better to do than to just ride around town and sight see.....

    Who is going to pay for this. Its not like they are full and have tons of riders.