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Raleigh couple sued over Kinston mom's slaying

Posted July 11, 2013

— The father of a 27-year-old Kinston woman whose remains were found in a Texas creek nearly two years ago filed a wrongful death lawsuit Wednesday against the Raleigh couple accused of killing her.

Grant Ruffin Hayes, 33, and Amanda Perry Hayes, 41, are each charged with first-degree murder in the death of Laura Jean Ackerson, who was reported missing July 15, 2011.

Her dismembered body was found nine days later in Richmond, Texas, about 60 miles south of Houston, near the home of a relative of Amanda Hayes.

Ackerson was Grant Hayes' ex-girlfriend and the mother of two of his children. She was last known to be in Raleigh on July 13, 2011.

The lawsuit, filed in Lenoir County on behalf of Rodger Ackerson, claims Ackerson "suffered mental and physical anguish" as a result of the defendants' actions, but it does not offer a motive for her death.

Family members have previously said that Ackerson and Grant Hayes were involved in a child custody dispute.

Grant Hayes is expected to go to trial Aug. 26, and Amanda Hayes' trial is scheduled for mid-January.

Court documents filed by attorneys for Amanda Hayes indicate that she was scared of her husband and was coerced into helping him dispose of Ackerson's body.


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  • busyb97 Jul 12, 2013

    Why waste the money? If these crooks go to jail, what will they have? They haven't even had their trial yet.

  • Pleasepostmycomments Jul 12, 2013

    How can you squeeze blood out of a turnip?

  • CarolinianByChoice Jul 12, 2013

    justabumer: married to someone else AFTER his relationship with the children's mother ended.

  • CarolinianByChoice Jul 12, 2013

    Obamacare rules: so you would blame the victim? Really, REALLY? Why bother to have a trial at all? You've already clearly decided this young woman's death is her own fault for being involved with "those" people. And just what the heck does "those people" mean?

    Do you think that just MAYBE someone should have done a better job of instilling morals into the person who KILLED her?

    And since you obviously DON'T have adult children I have news for you - you can do your level best to "raise them right" and they can still go out there and do things that go completely against how they were raised.

    Wow, I hope you NEVER sit on a jury!

  • Obamacare rules Jul 12, 2013

    The dad should have raised her better and taught her not to get involved with those people.

  • justabumer Jul 12, 2013

    So the dead woman was the mother of two of the guy's children and he was married to someone else? It's sad when anyone dies but it's also interesting to note how often the relationships among those who are involved are so convoluted that it would take a lawyer to sort them out.

  • MonkeyFace Jul 12, 2013

    I think the father has the right to do this, if he is the one taking care of the 2 kids. I dont know what good its going to do if the man is sitting in jail and has nothing to pay if the law suite is won by the father.